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  • Ramadan Mubarak!~ <3 Reply
  • Page is updated for the spring + summer, profile picture should be updated by tomorrow.~ <3 Reply
  • 2018 is G O N E.    Happy New Year everyone!~ Reply
  • Happy Holidays to all who celebrate! <3 Reply
  • Page is basically updated for the winter, profile picture should be up by tomorrow. <3 Reply
  • "Some talk to you in their free time, and some free their time to talk to you." Reply
  • Finally finished my page plus added songs to my lil box. Gosh, that was exhausting.   Reply
  • "The higher you build the walls around your heart, the harder you fall when someone finally breaks them down." In the end, you're building them again. Reply
  • All it takes is a beautiful smile, to hide an injured soul. Reply
  • True F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fight for you Respect you Involve you Encourage you Need you And Save you <3 Reply
  • Page updated to Spring theme! Hopefully, pfp will be updated by tomorrow.   Reply
  • Happy New Year! Reply
  • Happy Holidays to all! <3 Reply
  • Winter Break has officially begun...  Reply
  • It's finally Friday, weekend time!!   Reply

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~Updating y'all on my activity~ 2018-11-18
Hello everyone, been a while since I've posted on this thing. Just wanted to inform you all that I w ...
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~ Eid Time, Summer Time! ~ 2018-06-15
Hello everyone, I would just like to inform you all that I will be going to my relatives for Eid. I ...
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~ Thanksgiving Break Update ~ 2017-11-21
Hello everyone! Like promised, I have been informed if I am allowed to take my laptop with me or not ...
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~ Vacation time, during Thanksgiving Break!~ 2017-11-20
Hello everyone! Would you look at that, its Thanksgiving again! For those who read my blogs, you mig ...
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Going to Chicago. 2017-06-23
Hello everyone! I would like to inform you all that I am going to Chicago for my traditional holiday ...
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Going to Asia. 2017-03-24
Hello everyone, I would like to inform you all that today, March 24th I am going to Asia. I will ret ...
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  • DescriptionHi! Just call me what you know me by. I've been here for over two years, and it's been my pleasure being a part of the staff as a Global Moderator. I hope you like my page. ❤
  • HobbiesI enjoy to read, write, draw (although I'm pretty bad, I should really stop.) I also enjoy painting, but I do it occasionally. Ooo and here are my amazing peeps, who have been there for me every step of my journey.
    ❤ Jasper - the purple man and king of art
    ❤ Nora - tech goddess
    ❤ Luna and Sia *best set of twins ever*
    ❤ Karma - queen of art
    ❤ Anastasia - queen of kindness
    ❤ Abi - queen of pureness
    ❤ Sunny - queen of salt
    ❤ Gardie - queen of friendship
    ❤ Stells - queen of RWBY
    ❤ Cecil and Chase - Some real heroic sparrows
    ❤ Margo - realist girl ever.
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentGarden talent

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❤My Cozy Peeps, Thanks Y'all.❤
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Nora 2019-5-5 23:21
Villiana: Ooo is that a fanfic? Manga? Book?
Nora 2019-3-21 04:13
Villiana: Sometimes I rewatch the scenes, they were amazing. THEY LEFT US ON A CLIFFHANGER LIKE W H Y. Is there any anime you recommend me to watch? PMMM was am ...
Go read sleepless domain. :D
RedRoseDay 2019-3-13 18:12
Cool profile page! Hope you are having a great day.
Martin 2019-3-5 09:45
Villiana: -_______- BOYYY HOW ARE WE NOT FRIENDS ON HERE YET. (I added you now) SMHHH.
Bruhhhhh friend ship accepted !!!!
SIA_18 2019-1-29 19:32
HAPPY LATE NEW YEARS MY QUEEN NILLA <3 I'm sorry I'm late my queen but HAPPY L A T E NEW YEARS!!! This year has already been a lot already :D)
Nora 2019-1-27 16:14
Villiana: S a m e. I remember like season 3 or something was supposed to come out a WHILE AGOOO, and it never came, sadness. ;-;
I cri
Nora 2019-1-27 00:17
Villiana: :P <3 That show was amazing. WHAT HAPPENED TO NORAGAMI. ;-;
IRDK, I haven't heard about it in ages.
LooneyTunes♥ 2019-1-24 20:05
Rhodon 2019-1-20 15:28
Villiana: It really has, and same! Been doing good.
Rhodon 2019-1-17 23:14
Villiana: Roseeee, hiiiii how have you been?
good good! you? it's been forever
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