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Sia_18 ♥ [Bookmark] [Copy] [RSS] "It's impossible," said Pride. "It's risky," said Experience. "It's pointless," said Reason. "Give it a try," whispered the Heart. ... ...

  • DescriptionHmm well I'm a Brunette. Im born and raised in the USA aannndd My zodiac sign is a Capricorn and I'm a twin!!! Cool right ;D)) My twin is LooneyTunes♥ (Luna) :D)
  • websitehttp://I LOVE ELEPHANTS#Spirit animal;3
  • HobbiesTo Sing,Bake,Paint,Hangout with Best friends, listening to music, and To Love my Family! AND I LOVE BTS LOL MONSTA X DAY 6 EXO and more XD ( Suga ;3 % V ;) Chanyeol c; and my D.O :D ) ALSO, I LOOVEE THE COLOR SKY BLUE!!! And peppermint flavors C: mixed with chocolate. ofc YALL AND I LOVE THESE ANGELS
    -Luna (LooneyTunes♥)
    -Jasper (Jas)
    -Donner (Don)
    -Villiana (Nilla)
    -Anastasia Beautyglow (Blue)
    -Gardenia (Boyfriend)
    -Alex (Pink)
    -Aria (GENERAL SNOW)
    -Margo (MANGO)
    -Ali (Girlfriend)
    -Cyan (Cayan Pepper)
    -Rose (RO)
    -Michal (Babe)
    -Alec (Tarsier)
    -Anastasia (OG Ana)
    -MoonFields (Karma)
    -Nightfall (Night)
    -Juniper (Juni)

    YOU MAKE ME SOOOO HAPPY AND SPECIAL thank you all soOOOO much for the time you gave to me lOl (who am I to take your time cries) THANK YOUUU!! I LOVE YALLL!!!!
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentHealing talent

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Songs :)
My Dreams Of Freedom ♥
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Jasper 2023-9-18 15:36
I'm here waiting for u to log back in hehehehhe (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
Rhodon 2021-12-2 06:53
hi love :(
Jasper 2020-3-17 00:54
wake me up inside ú_ù
Jasper 2019-11-27 21:09
Think about you all the time, can't wait to see you again one of these days. Hope you're living your best life, love you so much. <3
anastasia-lock 2019-6-17 19:50
LooneyTunes♥ 2019-6-11 09:59
SIA_18: Ur a donkey :)
and you're a ding dong
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    Welcome my BROTHERS!
    • Heeey everyonneee it's been a min    IT"S YA GIRL SIIIAAA back in town ya know?? Ah. I've been gone for so long. All I have to say is. Junior year and school. Plus family and friends and luna lol ... Reply
    • My head said, "Who cares?" But then my heart whispered, "You do stupid..." How am I suppose to move on when my heart wants to stay? Reply
    • Did you hear about the guy who got hit in the head with a can of soda? He was lucky it was a soft drink. :'D)))) Reply
    • !!!! ♥ Happy Diwali ♥ !!!! May 10/19/17 shed some light in the dark and fill your day with prosperity!!! ♥ ~ From Luna & Sia Reply
    • Ya'll if you're going through are rough time just know that you are a soldier, you will fight, you will heal, and you will learn. <3   Reply

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