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Share ~Updating y'all on my activity~
2018-11-18 22:04
Hello everyone, been a while since I've posted on this thing. Just wanted to inform you all that I will be inactive from this Tuesday, November 20th, to the coming Sunday, November 25th. It's Thanksgiving time and relatives are coming over, a wedding is taking place, etc. Which is one of the many re ...
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Share ~ Eid Time, Summer Time! ~
2018-6-15 02:38
Hello everyone, I would just like to inform you all that I will be going to my relatives for Eid. I may come back at around next week. So, 23, 24, etc. If you see me more inactive then don't worry, I'll be back. Also, I may or may not be able to take my computer with me, which will determine my act ...
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Share ~ Thanksgiving Break Update ~
2017-11-21 12:39
Hello everyone! Like promised, I have been informed if I am allowed to take my laptop with me or not. *drumroll please* Yes, I can take it! Woot woot. Although I won't be able to be on here all the time, as I do have to give time to the fam. But occasionally, I will be coming on, so that's a good th ...
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Share ~ Vacation time, during Thanksgiving Break!~
2017-11-20 14:02
Hello everyone! Would you look at that, its Thanksgiving again! For those who read my blogs, you might notice that there has been, in the past a blog on Thanksgiving Break! So yes, it's been around a year now, and Thanksgiving is back. 3 Now once again, I am going on a vacation! From Tuesday-Friday ...
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Share Going to Chicago.
2017-6-23 13:24
Hello everyone! I would like to inform you all that I am going to Chicago for my traditional holiday that is coming up, Eid. I may not be able to take my computer with me, so please be patient with me as I will probably be inactive for 3-4 days. I hope you all understand. Have a wonderful day! ...
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Share Going to Asia.
2017-3-24 15:55
Hello everyone, I would like to inform you all that today, March 24th I am going to Asia. I will return after Spring Break, EST. I will miss you all, and sadly I will not be able to take my computer as my President, Donald Trump has banned computers on Turkish Airlines, and I had no idea ...
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Share My dear fairies.. and shoutouts.
2017-2-25 16:21
My dear fairies.. and shoutouts.
Hello everyone, I would just like to tell all my friends, and my soon to be friends that I love you all. You all have given me the most happiness i might get in years. So I thank you all dearly, now for shout outs to those who have been by my side since the very beginning, the very start, and I am s ...
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Share ~Thank you everyone, including staff~
2016-12-13 23:51
I want to thank each and everyone of you, even if you are not in my friends list. Thank you admins, moderators and all the other creators for making this wonderful game. Without the creators we all wouldn't get to have a chance to play this amazing game. Thank you for doing what you do and helping u ...
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Share Updates, updating..
2016-12-10 13:20
Looks like the creators are updating the website, or working on it due to the Chinese glitch. Only a few things are left in Chinese writing. Though many of us can not get into the game, since they are working on it. I am sure this will be temporary. Anyways have a nice day, and thank you for reading ...
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Share Classes. Busy,busy,busy.
2016-12-8 18:03
Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted a blog, and the reason for that is that I have been so busy with classes, that I am usually up until 10:45-11:00, just doing work. So when after I am done, I am so exhausted that usually, I fall asleep right after completing my work. I apologize for not ...
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