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  • arrival day #4 ~ Reply
  • page updated, pfp should be updated tomorrow Reply
  • arrival day #3 Reply
  • uhm hello to the girl i met in game today, this is nilla- hit me up sisss, the server cut me off mid sentenceee, and i forgot your name and uid because im kinda dumb. ;-; Reply
  • Ramadan Mubarak!~ <3 Reply
  • Page is updated for the spring + summer, profile picture should be updated by tomorrow.~ <3 Reply
  • 2018 is G O N E.    Happy New Year everyone!~ Reply
  • Happy Holidays to all who celebrate! <3 Reply
  • Page is basically updated for the winter, profile picture should be up by tomorrow. <3 Reply
  • "Some talk to you in their free time, and some free their time to talk to you." Reply
  • Finally finished my page plus added songs to my lil box. Gosh, that was exhausting.   Reply
  • "The higher you build the walls around your heart, the harder you fall when someone finally breaks them down." In the end, you're building them again. Reply
  • All it takes is a beautiful smile, to hide an injured soul. Reply
  • True F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fight for you Respect you Involve you Encourage you Need you And Save you <3 Reply
  • Page updated to Spring theme! Hopefully, pfp will be updated by tomorrow.   Reply
~ Current Situation ~ 2022-08-08
Hey all! I'm currently out of the country for a wedding, and I just wanted to share a little about ...
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~Update on Future Activity~ 2020-08-02
Hello everyone! I just wanted to inform you all that I will be inactive from today August 2, 2020 to ...
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~Updating y'all on my activity~ 2018-11-18
Hello everyone, been a while since I've posted on this thing. Just wanted to inform you all that I w ...
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~ Eid Time, Summer Time! ~ 2018-06-15
Hello everyone, I would just like to inform you all that I will be going to my relatives for Eid. I ...
(1221) Views|(0) Comments
~ Thanksgiving Break Update ~ 2017-11-21
Hello everyone! Like promised, I have been informed if I am allowed to take my laptop with me or not ...
(1372) Views|(0) Comments
~ Vacation time, during Thanksgiving Break!~ 2017-11-20
Hello everyone! Would you look at that, its Thanksgiving again! For those who read my blogs, you mig ...
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  • DescriptionHi! Just call me what you know me by. I've been here for over 4 years, and it's been my pleasure being a part of the staff as an Admin.
    Fun facts: I'm a Gemini ☀, Pisces ☽, and Virgo ^
  • website
  • HobbiesI enjoy to read, write, draw, I also enjoy painting, but I do it occasionally. Ooo and here are my amazing peeps, who have been there for me every step of my journey.
    ❤ Luna and Sia *best set of twins ever* ❤ Susie - empress
    ❤ Karmie - king of art ❤ Lila - my homieee ily queen
    ❤ Ana - queen of cuteness ❤ Martin - king of fun
    ❤ Jasper - purple man and king of art ❤ Serena - my twin
    ❤ Abi - queen of pureness ❤ Donner - king of elegance
    ❤ Stells - queen of RWBY ❤ Night - queen of amazingness
    ❤ Margo - realist girl ever. ❤ Nora - tech queen
    ❤ Gardie - queen at relating to me ❤ Willow - story queen
    ❤ Cecil and Chase - some real heroic sparrows ❤ Me
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentGarden talent

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MoonChildPotter 2024-2-29 22:20
Nilla! Just flitting by to check in. Hope you're okay.
SapphireGlitter 2024-2-19 22:06
Hi Villiana! How have things been for you?
MagicalPixie23 2022-1-24 17:56
Beautiful page <3<3
lunarosa 2021-9-3 20:42
Heyy can you please check your messages?
TheCuriousSeed 2021-8-21 06:30
Villiana: As I said before, I'm not familiar with how to make motion .gifs. But, I searched it up, and it seems it's possible with Photoshop as well as this ani ...
TheCuriousSeed 2021-8-18 08:31
Villiana: Haha! I think you're right; aside from my profile picture, everything is a .gif. I am not familiar with making motion .gifs, but I use the ones on gip ...
Do you know where I can go to MAKE my own motion .gifs? I'd really rather that route than the pre-made ones.
TheCuriousSeed 2021-8-13 03:52
Is it just me or is everything a .gif except the header? Also, do you know how to make motion .gifs?
MoonChildPotter 2021-5-6 22:24
Villiana: Of course, no problem! It's been a while since I used the center as well. :P I'm glad it all worked out! <3
Thank you for being so kind. Just hope my request didn't freak you out, lol.
MoonChildPotter 2021-5-5 17:21
Thank you! Been a while since I used the relationship center. Thought I requested you as a kindred spirit already, maybe it didn't go thru. Worked out tho!
TheCuriousSeed 2021-2-9 03:26
   I wonder how one goes about making motion .gifs? I only know how to make static ones. Anyway, love your page.  
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