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✎ Tyra is a Storytelling fairy of guidance ✎

☁ Cecile is a Storm fairy of fervor ☁

✩ And Stella is a Light fairy of love ✩

Rays of Ardency

Bolts of Power

Words of a Dreamer

"Tranquility hushes the weeping shore with lullabies of gentle breezes. It caresses the chins of dry and skinny grass blades with dewy fingers. Lazy palm trees sway with its assistance, and their far-reaching leaves cast fat shadows on the damp sand.

"The sun is blurring the horizon with an ardent starburst. The rays it summons meet either water or earth or sky. They spread their ornate wings and weave amber gleams together with the yawning sea and quiet shore. Omniscient, they offer bundles of heat wherever they flicker."
  • Today's Solariopa Fashion is Discord exclusive, sadly. Really wanted to post it here but ultimately decided for the best not to. Reply
  • Next Solariopa Fashion will be NieR:Automata themed! Posting it later today. Reply
  • RIP to all my credits. I'm a Pixie Pal again, lost like 3000 credits reeeee. Reply
  • I THINK I figured out what exactly caused resets: the special text font I was using. I guess fabc can't process the font or something. Reply

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