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Aleca's Kingdom ❤ [Bookmark] [Copy] [RSS] Welcome to my Hammock ♣ Lets hang xD

( About me )
Hello! Friends/ Visitors

I am Alexa i am a geek nerd i love anime

and all the arts, my favorite genres of music are rock 80s dubstep Edm, Classical i love harry potter

Marvel Kingdom hearts anything disney i love h20

And coffee i dream in black and white i love biking and dancing i am  quite lowkey  I love animals so much And naruto is my favorite Anime feel free to add me ❤ Aleca ❤ I love my family I am a Roleplayer I am a christian and i love the outdoors Horses are majestic Starbucks
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LittleRoses297 2021-4-24 00:51
Wow, I love your page! Sakura's like everywhere, and some pretty awesome shots, too! I like the one where she's punching Sai! I thought that seen was funny and showed how important Sasuke still was to both Naruto and Sakura! <3
Lorry 2019-9-26 06:16
Sabrinaandove❤: ahh your pagee amazing!
thank u omg <3
ihaveausername 2018-10-9 19:02
Hi, fellow potterhead! Nice page; out of curiosity, what Hogwarts house are you?
Butterflies 2018-9-6 22:39
Sabrinaandove❤: I am fine thanks for asking! Sorry for late reply How're you hun? ^_^
No problem<3, I am doing fine as well!<3
Cyan 2018-9-5 14:11
Sabrinaandove❤: Nice page!!
Butterflies 2018-9-3 17:03
Hey Aleca, how have you been?
juno30 2018-9-1 09:28
Sabrinaandove❤: Your page gives me life♥
thank you !! (:
Teresa 2018-8-31 22:40
Hey to you too :)
GoldenFlower 2018-8-31 18:49
Sabrinaandove❤: Your page is truly Inspirational!
Thank you so much!
Blue_Hiraeth 2018-8-31 18:48
Sabrinaandove❤: Aww JGGJJG TYSM i really appreciate it xD Love the music on your page btw
aaaaa ty! Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus is the soundtrack of my childhood <333 (That & all the songs from the Barbie movies <333)
arianator3942 2018-8-31 18:42
Sabrinaandove❤: Your Page is so fabulous!
Thank you so much
♥foxheart♥ 2018-8-31 18:42
Sabrinaandove❤: Your page is Fabulous!! I love your art Also
Thank you so much! I really like your page as well! Doug from Up is so cute! I love that movie! ♥
Nighty 2018-8-31 18:17
Sabrinaandove❤: I Love your page I love the edit on your page♥ ^_^
Thanks <3333
Twilaa 2018-8-31 18:00
Sabrinaandove❤: hgkgkgkgkg twilaaaaa hiiii my palll
Fungirl99000 2018-8-31 17:31
Sabrinaandove❤: I love the art on your page! ♥
Thank you so much!
Villiana 2018-8-31 16:57
OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG YOU'RE BACK???? *poofs to the pms*
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  • I just updated my page Feel free to friend me or Pm me i am just a silly potato ahaha I am randomly following people so if you want me to follow you just ask xD Reply
  • I forgot how to put gifs rip xD Reply
  • ♫ Listening to spotify ♫ Loving this new song by cheat codes called No promises ft demi lovato Remember your'e beautiful and keep shining like the star i know your'e! Have a lovely week!❥ xoxoxo❥ ... Reply
  • ♫ Listening to spotify loving this new song by cheat codes called no^ promises Ft Demi lovato ❥Chillin❥ Hope you have a blessed weekend remember your'e a gem keeping shining like a star ilyasm❥ ... Reply
  • Be yourself, everyone else is already Taken "Oscar Wilde " Hope ya'll have a lovely Week I just this quote xoxoxo Smile always And remember your'e beautiful like dang you so beautiful  ❤ ^-^ huggs!  ... Reply
  • ❤ Bored ❤ Listening to ♫ Demi Lovato ♫ Watching Netflix Hope ya'll have a blessed weekend Remember your'e beautiful xoxo Being yourself is the best  thing being you is amazing❤ Ilyasm❤ Reply
  • Currently Listening To back to beautiful This song is so beautiful Sofia's carson such an inspiring person got this song on repeat one of my faves currently ♫♫♫ ❤ Reply
  • ♫ Listening To the Vamps ♫ On spotify also I Can't stop listening to Paris by the Chainsmokers ^-^ Hope ya'll have a blessed day remember your'e beautiful xoxo aleca :33 Reply
  • Heyyy guys Quitting forever buh bye Probably will never visit byeee byee and bye yup don't ask why i'm quitting byee Reply
  • Every time i watch a pixie hollow youtube video i cry i miss the Original ph so much ): so many amazing Memories Shout out to all de admins your'e doing a fab job :33 Remember ya'll are beautiful ♥ ... Reply
  • Bigg Huge shoutout to Petunia Because she's so lit and perf ilysm bestie i'm so thankful to have a bestie bae like you never forget your'e beyond epicness ❤  Reply
  • ♫ Listening to Spotify as usual and drinking Apple juice Boo yaa No i'm not to old for Apple juice Don't judge me :33 Also watching Disney Channel :33 Hope ya'll have a fantabulous dayy ❤ ✿ ... Reply
  • I'm sick )":   Reply
Your'e amazing the way your'e Never change who your'e because you,! is the best person you could ever be! "unknown"

Have a Fantabulous day ❤ ^-^ xoxoxo Aleca ❤ Ilyasm

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Don't try to be like everyone else Show the world who your'e if they can't Accept you for the real you they're so out of your league. Having flaws is what makes you perfect Don't strive to be like everyone else. Your'e a star shine. Don't be afraid to Put yourself out there. You're the only one that can change the world. Spread Kindness. Don't judge people. Give good vibes Aleca ❤ (>‿◠)✌ Hope you have a blessed day! xoxoxo Aleca Ilyasm! Remember your'e beauitful
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  • DescriptionNicknames Alec a , Apple bees, Alex,

    My fairy best friend is Petunia And Villie is my Spirit Animal

    Pls add me i need friends i am lonely xD
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  • TalentSinging talent

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