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It's Susie here! [Bookmark] [Copy] [RSS] I Love Summer Days

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seth123 2024-3-23 14:52
elfy 2023-8-5 22:09
MoonChildPotter 2023-4-1 21:49
Thank you Susie for the 1.0 fix!!! You do so much and it's appreciated. :)
Katie546 2023-3-5 10:01
Hello! I love your profile!!! It almost looks like Ariel! And I love your space!!!
TheCuriousSeed 2022-11-9 21:30
Did you draw your new avatar? Looks really nice.
MoonChildPotter 2022-11-9 19:23
Welcome back! Love the new avatar (:
TheCuriousSeed 2022-8-2 14:55
Cool new avatar! Looks just like the Pixie Dust Tree from pre-Tinkerbell 2008 in lieu of the more autumnal one.
TheCuriousSeed 2021-6-21 21:04
Thanks way too many times to track for working so hard to ensure everyone could play 1.0 again! This version definitely feels the antipode of rushed.
MoonChildPotter 2021-6-12 16:33
Hey Su! Just wanted to say thanks for all your work, especially not giving up on 1.0! So proud to be a part of the wonderful community. Hope you're well and the universe smiles on you!
SapphireGlitter 2021-2-1 15:32
Hi Susie! I just wanted to say thank you for keeping the server going and for keep adding awesome updates! Everyone knows how hard you work so thank you so much! I hope to fly with you in the hollow soon!
MoonChildPotter 2021-1-13 23:14
Just want to say you're amazing. Can"t thank you enough for making it possible to fly again!
~ XO Moon
TheCuriousSeed 2020-9-17 11:52
Thank you way too many times to count for fixing the stuck bug! Now we end up in Havendish again as a safety measure.
SapphireGlitter 2020-9-4 08:37
Thank you for fixing that bug so fast! Your working so hard on the game! That makes me so happy! Thanks again!
MysticBeam 2020-9-3 08:48
Hello! Hello! Cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for us fellow fae and sparrow! Much love to you Luna! Bless x
twilight 2020-8-10 21:32
Luna, i love your bakground.  hope you have a great afteroon. <3
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