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Spirit Prep Chapter 21
2018-11-23 13:12
I wasn't able to do the rewriting I should've done, but I still had a lot of fun writing this. Chapter 21-More Returns For the past few weeks, I’ve been on Instagram pretty much every other day, scrolling through the same pictures in the dance studio’s profile, only noticing a ...
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Spirit Prep Chapter Twenty
2018-11-10 16:53
Chapter Twenty-Curiosity may require discomfort Since the day I returned from break, I sat at Nora’s table during meals if there’s enough room. We’ve even talked to each other a bit. She takes Human Studies classes and has been very interested in this subject for a while, which p ...
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Spirit Prep Chapter Nineteen
2018-10-28 16:19
This is the beginning of part 4. Chapter Nineteen-A Shocking Return While many dread reentering school after a break, I have been looking forward to returning for this entire weekend. More than ever now, I seriously want to see if Lucie is still in touch in Margie and how we can rec ...
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Spirit Prep Chapter Eighteen
2018-9-15 12:30
This is the final chapter of part 3. Chapter Eighteen-Strength is the Key Just as my eyes open, I’m greeted by an energizing and encouraging faint sunlight from the window. It’s seven in the morning, and luckily, my cramp isn’t nearly as intense as it was earli ...
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Spirit Prep Chapter Seventeen
2018-9-1 12:05
Chapter Seventeen-From anger to the unexpected One month later Though the weather in the Core is usually the same year round, I can tell that spring is in the air based on the higher amount of energy in the school and the talk of final exams. I hope these ...
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Spirit Prep Chapter Sixteen
2018-8-19 14:08
Chapter Sixteen-Is it worth it? The first thing I notice when opening my eyes in our suite is the book, the book I bought at the souvenir shop at the Human Connections museum yesterday. I’ve been reading this throughout the trip when I could since buying it. It’s is about the his ...
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Spirit Prep Chapter Fifteen
2018-7-24 17:13
Chapter Fifteen-Human and Magic Collided In the cloud still powerful magical energy within me blended with the slight cloud of guilt, climb on the bus to resume our field trip. I mostly feel excitement, but I also feel a slight twinge of anger. Because of Teagen being so bothersome ...
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Spirit Prep Chapter Fourteen
2018-7-9 21:10
Chapter Fourteen-Another Curious Trip What to do now? An almost certain path seems to have led me to a dead end. A few days ago I knew I should ask Lucie about Margie, and I did. She does remember her, but I thought I’d get more answers before I had to head to my table. Like, is ...
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Spirit Prep Chapter Thirteen
2018-7-8 14:57
If it isn't the best, it's because I was so focused on rewriting the 14th chapter that I forgot I haven't posted this one. Chapter Thirteen-More Memories Return I feel very distant from my normal home right now, in a place I’m currently not used to being at, and I don’t know ...
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Pixie Hollow Timeline
2018-6-23 14:25
This is a complete timeline of the original Pixie Hollow, because I like those things. 2008 September 4 to 13 -Players could preview the virtual world September 20 -Pixie Hollow Beta officially opens with the Spring Valley, 2 autumn meadows, arrival day badges, friendship badg ...
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