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Spirit Prep Chapter Twenty

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Chapter Twenty-Curiosity may require discomfort

Since the day I returned from break, I sat at Nora’s table during meals if there’s enough room. We’ve even talked to each other a bit. She takes Human Studies classes and has been very interested in this subject for a while, which provides evidence that she would be in the human realm at one point to meet Margie.


Every meal I sit with Nora, I attempt the seeing spell again. But somehow, either my spell won’t work, or that image won’t appear. Maybe I was trying too hard for the specific image. This could be true because one day during my spells class when I was simply practicing the spell for the test, my vision which I produced was of Alli Prizzi. Below the girl, I thought I depicted the words, Rosanita Dancye Caentre. I think it means Rosalita or Rosalina Dance Center. I won’t be surprised if Alli and Margie danced together as I thought I had a recent dream where Margie was a dancer. She actually was, but I didn’t think she still danced.


I decide to sit at Malissa and Kylie’s table at lunch today because they waved me there. While eating my leafy salad, I overhear Malissa talking about this social media platform thing in the magical realm.


“Social media” I think to myself. I remember trying to use Instagram in sixth grade, but I absolutely hated it. I just felt so left out seeing all those people having so much fun without me, and I never had anything good to post. Deleting the account is something my therapist recommended, and this was probably the best advice I received other than this, “Dreams are to be recognized” poem. I try not to think too much of social media because all it does is switch me back to a depressing part of my life. At first, I looked forward to middle school. Despite my sister’s horror stories, I knew that middle school would be an exciting new adventure. It was an adventure of course, but it wasn’t a pleasant one. I lost touch with all my old friends and sat with no one at lunch except my former best friend, Hayley.


Hayley and I had so much in common, such as the interest in fairies, fantasy and magic. Finding someone like that is a rare sight for an outsider like me. And unlike my other friends, I wasn’t stuck as a “second best friend” just because I didn’t attend kindergarten with them. Hayley was also an outsider, so I was pretty much her only friend.


But as soon as middle school commenced, that’s when the eclipse started to set in. Hayley unexpectedly became friends with the “populars”. All of the sudden, it seemed like she wanted me to stop believing in magic because people would tease me for my difference. I obviously did not enjoy 6th grade. The days of pretending to be fairies and princesses were over and the age of social media began. I never really understood it the app and the stuff I posted after Hayley pressured me to get the account were kind of strange compared to what others’ added. Because I never knew what I was supposed to post, I just posted strange pictures of dead memes from the Internet and bad quality photos of the dolls I played with.


It didn’t take too long for me to realize how different I was on Instagram compared to the other people. But I could never take pictures of me actually having fun because I never did. Social media made me envious, so I uninstalled the app. I do not regret the decision in the slightest because not having the app made me a lot happier.


It may seem like if I wanted to reinstall social media; I would’ve wanted to be unhappy, which is why it’s shocking that I want to. I return to my dorm from dinner early so there’s time in there alone, as my roommate may judge if I do something humanlike this late in my school year.


My barely used phone is at the bottom of my duffel bag under the clothes I never wear. When holding the phone, I tightly close my eyes and give some of my magical energy to the phone because the battery is dead. Butterflies filling my stomach, I slowly, one step at a time, reinstall the Instagram app because I know I’d physically feel more comfortable if I had it, even if it’s just for one day. Although what occurred in the past makes me feel upset when thinking about it, it was like, two years ago. Besides, I’m not even going to follow anyone or post anything.


My new account is basically a username that’s a jumble of random numbers. Before doing anything else, I think back to this one day at the park;

Strength is the key,

Belief is essential,

You have persistence,

But unleashing power and belief is the next step

This poem brings me motivation to search, “Alli Prizzi” in the search bar. I click on the top account, which is the one with the picture of her. The account is private, but it says in the bio that she does indeed attend Rosalina Dance Academy.


I recall the poem again while deciding what to do with this. Then, I return to the search bar and input, “Rosalina Dance.”


When at the studio’s page, I notice that it’s full of pictures of human girls at a dance studio, just as expected. One of the dancers in the pictures that didn’t attend my school isn’t tagged, but from the memory of Missy’s picture, I’m almost positive that this girl is Margie.


I scroll through more pictures, looking for those magical particles and anything that relates to this vision. Most of the photos were uninteresting when looking for magic because they’re full of humans, but in one of the pictures with Margie in it that was taken during spring break, one of those “human girls” is actually Nora.

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i don't care





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