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Spirit Prep Chapter 21

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I wasn't able to do the rewriting I should've done, but I still had a lot of fun writing this.

Chapter 21-More Returns

For the past few weeks, I’ve been on Instagram pretty much every other day, scrolling through the same pictures in the dance studio’s profile, only noticing a new image occasionally. However, my routine is not helping me move forward in any way.


I look at a recent picture from spring break that Nora is in. That’s when I remember my spring break experience, when Lauren told me that she still sees Margie at her school.


I search for Lauren’s profile. Though her first and last names are really common, I could easily find her account because I recognized the profile picture, and her account was made public. Because this poem was about courage and it has worked so far, I decide to personal message her on Instagram.


I’m also guessing this increase in courage also has to do with the fact that I’ve periodically been texting Missy recently. We’ve actually gotten pretty close these past several weeks to the point where I was even able to tell her about the desire to reconnect with kindergarten friends. Missy advised that I just message whom I want to reconnect. Though Margie doesn’t seem to have an Instagram, Lauren may be close enough. I did see Margie in some of Lauren’s photos after all.



About a day later, I don’t get a response to my message. I decide to check her page for the slim chance that I’d find a magical picture even though I’ve already checked it yesterday. While it was full of photos of her having so much fun with friends yesterday, it’s completely empty today. I press the follow button to she if she blocked me or something, and it doesn’t work. I don’t know too much about this app, but I’m guessing that Lauren did block me.


I don’t understand why she would do such a thing after such a friendly encounter at the festival. I look at the message I sent once again to reread it. In my current perspective, the message I sent asking for a connection with Margie is pushy and sort of demanding. It said, “Hey, I’d like it if you’d make an opportunity for me and Margie to reconnect. Can you please reply to this message?”


Knowing me, I’m not the type of person that would say that (I almost never even talk), but I know someone who is like that; Missy, the one who was always the best at pulling these nasty tricks. In fact, she actually told me to say those things. Even after the pleasant conversations, her false advice is not at all shocking, especially after these false rumors about me she told everyone years ago. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted her. What was I even thinking?  I know I’ve dreamt of my sister being kind, but it was just a vision in my head.   


I can’t believe I’m thinking this, but, it would be great if those dark magic classes here were still in operation. They may have been able to teach me revenge spells to put on my sister for making me think that. But instead, because it’s sort of late, I head to the bathroom to change into my pajamas and then fall asleep.



I’m standing outside my house accompanied by the soft song played by gentle chimes. Though there are all these lumps of snow, it’s somehow the perfect temperature for wearing a light sweater. There are only flurries of clouds and some of the snow appears to be melting or very close to liquid. The most shocking sight here is that there’s actually a small party in my yard with a bunch of other girls around my age playing outdoor games. Not knowing exactly what I should do at this type of party, I look around at the scene and notice Margie slowly wondering around my worn down, wooden play structure which I used to play on when I was little. She turns as I step closer, and she smiles at me.


Right before I run to give her a hug, I suddenly fall backwards in the snow just in front of her. Though the snow is cushiony as expected, it’s not at all cold and wet. It’s actually very comfortable, at least with Margie standing beside me. Unfortunately, the reason why I didn’t feel anything falling in the snow is because the snow slowly morphed into my bed, and this enchanting experience was all another dream.


The first thing I see when opening my eyes is my phone sitting on my nightstand. Even though I never want to go on Instagram again, I open the app like I didn’t have a mind. For the first time since sixth grade, I actually have a follow request. To my delight, the account is actually Margie’s account. Before I accept the request and decide to follow her, I click on her page. The pictures on the page weren’t the normal, stupid photos of people exaggerating how amazing their lives are like most teenagers post. The pictures were actually of magical locations. I recognize these photos from images my teachers showed my classes. The only way that Margie, a human, would have these pictures is if she actually has a connection to the magical world. I’m starting to think that being sent to kindergarten at Country Road actually has a deeper meaning which I can’t pin point.


Then, my phone screen gets masked with bright bluebell colored fairy dust. That’s when I disappointedly awaken again, this time in my dorm instead of my regular house. I immediately open my eyes because this bluebell light still seems to remain. The first thing my eyes look at is Sienna the pixie, who I haven’t seen since the very beginning, sitting on a wooden shelf directly in front of me.

“How have things been going this year?” she asks.

“Um…can you be a bit quieter? I don’t want my roommate to wake up.”

“I made sure Gabi is so sound asleep she won’t wake up. I am a dream pixie, so I can do that.”

“What are you here for?”

Sienna waves her arms and a rolled up parchment appears on my hands in a flash of her light. Even though the room is as black as midnight, Sienna’s glow makes the words on the paper readable after I unroll. The parchment has this list of names that include, “Margie Volkova”, “Lauren Campbell” and “Daisy Green”. Many of the names on list are familiar, especially “Lucie Brooks”.  


“These are the children you attended kindergarten with.”

“That’s the only one I didn’t have.” I respond with a smile.

“Are some of the names familiar dear?”


I reread the list as if I were studying for a test. Then, it hits me. I’ve always thought it was just now that kindergarten was returning, but I couldn’t be further from the truth. It has been in my life since second grade. Those memories have occurred at seemingly random times, I just have never remembered it because my brain chose to ignore them. Memories were pretty simple; they included running into Margie’s mom in second grade and my ninth birthday party had this game that I unconsciously borrowed from Margie’s party.


What’s significant about those memories is the dream I’ve had at around these times. The memory of these dreams is still blurry, but I have been having reoccurring dreams about fairies in my elementary school’s playground from second grade up until around last year. I loved that playground because although it still contained these standard plastic play structures, it didn’t look like any of the plastic playgrounds you’d find today. It felt like a large emphasis of the playground is based around nature, which is probably why I pretended I was a fairy in it all the time. I think the nature appeal has to do with the nearby forest. Though I had a phobia of the woods for a while, they still seemed to be very inviting during recess. I even enjoyed having dreams about it.  


I never focused on dreams, but those dreams were ones I was delighted to experience. Ever since I had the first one after seeing Margie’s mom, I went to bed every night hoping I’d have that dream again. Well, my wish did come true, and I’ve been having that type of dream more and more frequently. I think I had that dream every three weeks or so in fourth grade I think.


Rereading the list again, one of the names was actually in my elementary school. He moved there in around fourth grade. I recognized him, but it was only now that I was actually certain he was in my kindergarten class.


Sixth grade, I still frequently returned to elementary in my dreams. I never recognized most of my new classmates other than like, a couple, but now that I have my class list, even though the kids at Country Road never attended my middle school, several of the kids on the list, including that girl from my study hall that one time, were here.


I have too much to ask; “Why have the kindergarten memories been returning? Do you know anything about the forest dream?”

“Ah…just as I predicted”


Sienna flies closer, “I am guessing that the reason you have received these memories is so you would continue to remember one of the most powerful years of your life, even if you did not want to”

“Why would I need to remember? How does the forest and Nyssa have to do with it????”

“Slow down dear; let’s start with your kindergarten origins as they contain a strong connection to your magical origins”

I think back to what this unicorn told me about knowing who Margie is. It makes a little bit of sense, though there are still too many unanswered questions”


“You need to find out about your organs as soon as possible.” Sienna says, “If you do, you will be more likely to stay here for at least two more years.”

“But why do you want me to stay?”

“Just go back to sleep and dream. Yes, the forest that connects your elementary school and the magical park and playground as well as Nyssa are both significant in your journey. But I do not have time to tell you about it now.”

Before I fall back in my slumber, I just ask, “Is there darkness in me?”

“There will not be if you learn to forgive and forget”

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i don't care





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