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Ranking Pixie Hollow's Events

Hot 5Viewed 506 times2021-9-13 18:53

Fly with you! Long time, no see! I thought I'd do a ranking on the events the original Pixie Hollow had. Before I get to this, here are a few things I'd like to mention:
  • This list only includes events from the ORIGINAL Pixie Hollow, remember those?
  • I tried to be objective in making this list (number of quests, decorated meadows, etc) but this list is based on my opinion as well so your list may be different
  • In order for an event to qualify, there must have been an event blog post and/or an official badge about that event
  • Because Pixie Hollow's events have developed between 2008 and 2013, I focused more on later versions of events that repeated for this list
  • If you don't remember much about Pixie Hollow's events or haven't experienced a lot of them, you can learn more about them here:
  • And finally, I have nothing against any of the events except for maybe the one at the bottom. In fact, I really appreciate them.

#28-Pixie Hollow Farewell (2013)-While everyone got a free membership and the ice palace, frost forest and Mermaid Grotto were open with TONS of nostalgic giveaways, I didn't enjoy this event because the announcement of Pixie Hollow's closure was so abrupt. In fact, it was the only event I didn't enjoy. What's the point of all those gifts if you only have a month or less to actually enjoy them? And as for the unicorn, I see it as part of Camp Pixie Dust/the End of Summer Sparkler.

#27-Berry Harvest Festival (2008)-I am sure none of you remember this (even I didn't remember it at first) as it was one of Pixie Hollow's first ever events. While it was a cool idea I brought back in my blog, it was only held during the Beta event meaning there wasn't much. All it really had was a badge and a sparkling event gift. It was really short too.

#26-Sweet Week (2009 to 2013)-The main focus of this event was to obtain a certain item or silly sweets from the baking talents by putting a cookie jar or cookie tray in your home. But other than Dulcie's visit in 2012 (which was AWESOME), a small gift in 2013 and a delicious craft that was actually designed by a Pixie Hollow player, there really wasn't anything. There were no quests, no badges and no decorations. And every year, this event only lasted a week.

#25-Art Month (2010 to 2013)-Art Month was a great time to check out artsy outfits and decorations as well as new hairstyles. There was even a home decorating contest. Regardless, it was a long stretch of nothing much. Just like Sweet Week, Art Month didn't have any badges. But there were sometimes open ballrooms with gifts and a famous fairy visit almost every year (Bess visited in 2010!). There were even five quests about the Northern Lights in 2010.

#24-Autumn Equinox (2012)-I love autumn, and I remember really enjoying this event from the golden acorn hunt to the golden acorn necklace gift in the beautiful ballroom to the Minister of Autumn's visit. But the autumn meadows weren't decorated and there weren't any quests.

#23-End of Summer Sparkler (2009 to 2012)-I REALLY wish it could be placed higher not just because I am a light talent but because it has some of my favorite decorations. But only two meadows were decorated. 2009 was really the only year with a Sparkler event gift and only 2009 and 2010 had Sparkler quests (as the rest I consider to be Camp Pixie Dust quests). But the decorations were gorgeous.

#22-Summer Splash Party (2009 to 2013)-Just like the Sparkler, it was a small event that overlapped with Camp Pixie Dust. But what makes this a bit better is the lucky fish tradition every year.

#21-Nature Days (2009 to 2013)-The biggest year for Nature Days was 2010 as it had a beach cleanup, a Tink quest with a cool reward and a Tink and Kit visit. But other than that year, there wasn't much to Nature Days other than a quest for a badge. 2012 has the second best Nature Days as there was a Ballroom gift and a Kit visit.

#20-Tink's Arrival Day (2008)-This was Pixie Hollow's first official event after the Beta ended. The idea was to look for the sign to the secret party location (Cottonpuff Field). The meadow had very fesitve decorations and a free gift. Fairies also earned a badge for finding it. Tink even visited, which I think was the first time she could actually talk to fairies. But since it was only in 2008, that's all there really was.

#19-Changing of the Leaves (2008 to 2012)-Fun fact: it was actually Pixie Hollow's first ever event! It improved a lot since 2008 with the leaf painting seasons which show how fairies change the seasons. There was always a badge (2 in 2009) along with a quest (also 2 in 2009) and sometimes a famous fairy visit. There was even a ballroom gift in 2013.

#18-Autumn Revelry (2009)-I loved the blue pixie dust and seeing Tink's balloon in the autumn meadows. And there were even three quests for three awesome awards and blue pixie dust collecting. The event even had one of my favorite event gifts; a toy version of Tink's balloon. Tink herself even visited in her adventure outfit.

#17-Welcome Home Party (2010)-The decorations were AMAZING and I loved the gifts too (there were a lot of gifts to collect). The quest reward was even one of (in my opinion) the best designed badges. It was the first badge that allowed access to a special location, which in this case was Lizzy's Fairy Home. Not only did Tink and Vidia visit, but the Minister of Autumn did as well with his gift.

#16-Never Dove Egg Hunt (2009 to 2013)-The main focus every year was the egg hunt (and a Fawn quest with wonderful rewards every year), but in later years there were awesome ballroom gifts and amazing spring decorations in Havendish Square. There was even an adorable baby hatchling in the ballroom! I enjoyed the 2012 and 2013 quests in particular.

#15-Great Games (2009 to 2010)-I remember really liking the talent colored banners all over Pixie Hollow. The quests were even fun talent game marathons. In 2009 all 5 of the main characters visited while Slate visited in 2010. There was even a talent game competition for an honors badge.

#14-Great Winter Light Up (2008 to 2012)-While it wasn't much of an event in 2008, the beautiful Winter Woods decorations were added in later years. Areas of Havendish were even decorated in 2012 with the snow in Havendish Square, the holiday kitchen in the theatre, and possibly my favorite version in the ballroom along with a wonderful gift. In later years there would be a Silvermist quest. The pixie pals and sometimes Silvermist also visited.

#13-Spring Celebration (2009 to 2013)-The celebration started with a hidden lucky clover in 2010 and developed into a golden clover hunt. There were even rainbows in the Spring Valley that could be seen from the map. The ballroom had the Everblossom and the Minister of Spring and sometimes Rosetta visited. I really liked the event gifts. The only downside is that it didn't have any quests.

#12-Sister Celebration (2012)-This event introdcued the beautiful Frost Forest. The ballroom had a snowmaker and a sparkling wing necklace (which I LOVED). There was a Tink quest and the badges were absolutely beautiful. Periwinkle even made her first appearance.

#11-Pixie Hollow Games (2011)-After completing the Marina quest, fairies could experience an interactive preview of the Fairy Coliseum and get a free gift. There were banners all over Pixie Hollow cheering on the different talents. After the games aired, fairies could earn an Animal Derby Original Racer badge, see a slideshow of the games' highlights in the theatre and talk to Rosetta and Chloe (this was the only time Chloe ever visited Pixie Hollow). The pixie pals visited as well. All the decorations and stuff to do makes this probably the best movie event.

#10-Fairy Friendship Festival (2009 to 2013)-The purpose of this event was wonderful and the decorations were beautiful. I really liked the quests and their rewards. There were a lot of famous fairies that have visited over the years and Rosetta, Vidia and Terrence even made their first appearances in the Hollow during this event. In 2011, there was even a friendship gift station and a snowball toss.

#9-Spring prep (2010 to 2013)-Okay, that is not really an official event, but I always considered it to be seprate from the Spring Celebration. The preparation period for Spring was typically longer than the event itself actually and it usually had two quests and one or two badges. It was always cool that the storm or drought were seen from the Fly Up map. Famous fairies like Rosetta and the pixie pals would typically visit. In 2011 and 2013 there were even ballroom gifts.

#8-Garden Tea Party (2009 to 2013)-The tea tables were very pretty. 2012 and 2013 even had a kitchen which I loved playing in. I really enjoyed the quest rewards for this event as well. The pixie pals and sometimes Rosetta and the Minister of Summer would visit. I also really liked interacting with the tea tables using the hats and emotes. The 2011 ballroom was also awesome.

#7-Fairy Feast (2008 to 2012)-Originally named the Autumn Jubilee, it was a very interactive event. The cornucopia would get filled up in the earlier years and fairies could help make soup and cake in the later ones. I really enjoyed this event's decorations from the cornucopia to the autumn leaves to the food tables. There was even the previously mentioned kitchen in 2012. I really liked the ballroom gifts and the quests, with the one from 2011 having very cute animals. While the pixie pals usually visited, the event was unfortunatly only a week long in 2011 and didn't have any visitors. But it is usually longer.

#6-Sports Camp (2011)-This was a very long event being 10 weeks long. Similar to the Great Games, the talent game meadows would be decorated with the talent banners. Havendish Square and its areas were decorated as well and I really liked the lap pool in the ballroom with the interactive smoothie stand (anyone remember it???). There were several badges, quests with trophy rewards, gifts and famous fairy visits. Lyria even told the story about the garden talent losing streak.

#5-Silly Days/Mermaid Party (2009 to 2013)-They were two seprate events in 2013 but they were the same all other years. I loved this event because Snowflake is actually a merfairy. There was Mermaid Grotto, tons of gifts and interactive surprises, a comedy show, a quest, and visits from the pixie pals and Tink or Silvermist. I LOVED the theatre from 2013.

#4-Winter Wonderland Party (2008 to 2012)-Christmas is my favorite time of year and this event may have my favorite decorations. There was even the beautiful ice palace. There were so many things to interact with during the event and a few badges to earn, as well as a lot of gifts. The Minister of Winter and the Pixie Pals would visit. The reason why this event isn't higher is because other than the light up quest being avaliable, there would typically be no quests during this event. However, there were 12 short quests in 2009 with all the famous fairies which gave out 12 ornaments based on the 12 Days of Christmas song.

#3-Animal Mothers Day (2010 to 2013)-It started out as a smaller, week long event (though it did have Beck attending parties and a quest about building First Flight). But it got a big upgrade in 2011. I LOVED the flowery decorations. There were adorable baby animals to take care of all over Pixie Hollow along with several event gifts (usually 4), a quest and a visit from the pixie pals and sometimes Fawn.

#2-Animal Masquerade (2008 to 2012)-I loved all the costumes avaliable in the stores. Also, almost every meadow was decorated with gourd lanterns. There was even a haunted dollhouse in the theatre in 2012. You were able to gain tons of wonderful gifts from trick or treating all over the Hollow. On top of that, there was usually a quest with a cool award and a visit from the pixie pals. Beck even showed up with her animal friend in 2010. There were even pet feeding bowls!

And #1...Camp Pixie Dust! (2010, 2012 to 2013)-Back in the day, this was the event I looked forward to the most. It was very long being 12 weeks in 2012 and 2013. But there were new activities every two weeks. There were a lot of badges, quests (some of my favorites with some of my favorite awards), decorated meadows (including the secret hideouts from 2013), crafts and famous fairy visits. Every area of Havendish was decorated for Camp, even Cassie's Costume Shop! Lyria even told her campfire stories. There was a lot going on in Camp Pixie Dust every year, which is why I put it at #1.

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Reply TheCuriousSeed 2021-9-13 20:46
This history of different Pixie Hollow events is pretty cool! Oh, and welcome back!
Reply MoonChildPotter 2021-9-13 22:16
Wow! This brings back so many wonderful memories! Loved the Never Dove Egg hunts, the Sister celebration, the end of summer sparkler, and of course the Autumn Revelry. I loved the events that didn:t repeat personally because those badges and items were one of a kind. I also agree on the Pixie Hollow Farewell, I was happy all got to experience but they had very little time.
Reply WingsFlying 2021-9-17 18:22
Yay! Thank you! That was fun!

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