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Spirit Prep Chapter Sixteen

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Chapter Sixteen-Is it worth it?

The first thing I notice when opening my eyes in our suite is the book, the book I bought at the souvenir shop at the Human Connections museum yesterday. I’ve been reading this throughout the trip when I could since buying it. It’s is about the history of Mythblossom Academy. The chapter I skipped straight to when I started reading is the one about the connection to the human world. It turns out that the school actually does have a connection to the school that’s actually in the town of Willow, my home town.


Just as we’ve been doing during our tours this trip, we take golden, unicorn drawn carriages to where our tour guide waits for us. Our carriage parks in front of a golden school that would look very expensive if it were in the human realm. I could clearly notice our pixie tour guide from her intense golden glow and skin more shimmery than the pixies I’ve previously met.


We begin our tour by exploring the outside of the school. That’s when I notice how wide this building is, despite clearly looking shorter than the Spirit Prep castle at first glance. I’m glad we get to explore the outside first, because my book informs that the most powerful natural connection from Mythblossom to the human school is actually on the track. Our group follows the pixie and listens to her give out information on the school’s courtyard and garden while I move my head around searching around for the track at the same time as trying to listen.

When we finally reach the track, I notice it looks like an ordinary human track, but the crisp white lines project onto the air because all sports in the magical world seem to be played in the air. The pixie explains that the track we’re on is actually the top level, which is why the pale gold and white colored puffy clouds appear so close that I may be able to touch them if I try. The track’s breezy blue color is supposed to symbolize the future and ideals. The lower level is where all the field events such as their version of pole vaulting and jumping events take place. That level is meant to represent the past.


The pixie explains a bit about the upper level before leading us to a small rope controlled elevator platform on the back of the bleacher set. Though one could operate the elevator with the rope, the pixie uses magic to descend the wooden platform the group steps on. During the descent, I notice that the sunlight touched track suddenly morphs into the pitch darkness of nighttime, even though it’s still clearly day. In the blackness are these dancing ribbons of bright colors that remind me of the Northern Lights a little.

“This dark area actually represents a portal to the human realm and the colored lights are the magical energy used to connect the two realms.” The pixie says as we pass through the area during our moderately show decent. After a few seconds, the darkness slowly fades away and I notice the sunlight again. That’s when the platform touches the ground


The lower level of the track sort of reminds me of the Roman Coliseum with the ancient and desert-like look. I notice a large pit of sand which I guess is for some of the Track and Wing field events. I also see golden poles standing up among other metallic colored equipment. The pixie explains this level as she has done with the upper one. Though I’m interested in learning of this very neat track and what track in the magical realm is like, my body physically feels like rushing back to the elevator.


My tense, anticipating body finally feels loose as soon as the pixie tells us that we could finally explore the track, which is just what I was hoping she’d say. A few people head towards the elevator just like I do. Only, I wait until I’m able to head on the elevator alone. Once a small group heads on one of the platforms and it ascends up, I step on one of the other platforms after waiting a few seconds. Instead of using magic like many seem to do; I pull the thick, heavy, rough rope. While pulling, I keep my eye on the surrounding background. As soon the area becomes pitch black and I begin to notice the colored ribbons, I slowly, a few steps at a time, remove my hands from the rope hoping that the elevator won’t just drop to the ground when I stop my grip. The platform stays stationary still in the middle of the rope after I let go. With my hands free, I stand close to the edge of the platform gazing at the dancing colors like I’m gazing at the scenery outside. I look at the ribbons for the portal’s exact location, which is very difficult to locate as whichever direction I face, the same vision appears. I’ve sort of assumed that the portal is the area with the most colors. I eventually find an area where numerous ribbons in the entire rainbow color scheme are packed together creating a faint white light.  


I’m not sure whether or not I want to dive in. I’ve never taken a risk like that…risky before.

“You’ve been waiting for this Daisy!” I say to myself, even though it slightly sounds like someone else is talking to me. 


Preparing to dive towards the light, I take a deep breath, feeling even more ready to do what I’ve been looking forward to for a solid twenty four hours, though still hesitant at the same time.  

Without any additional thinking, I dive in the group of colors while holding my breath and my eyes shut tight.


I sort of expected to just find myself in a familiar area similar to where I had grown up as soon as I hit the ground and open my eyes, but with my visions tightly shut, I feel sort of pushed back a tiny smidge shortly after my jump. That’s when I open my eyes. That’s when I notice I’m not in my hometown, but I’m stationary in the middle of a similar looking dark area, only there aren’t as many colors except for tiny and very, very faint and spontaneous light colors that occasionally appear. I attempt to move, like when I steer in flying class, but I just can’t budge. I wobble myself around frantically, hoping to break free from the stillness, but no matter how insanely I try moving my arms, less and torso, nothing would budge.


After wiggling for a good few minutes and knowing it’s no use, I just become so sick of being trapped in this unfamiliar, magical area all alone, in a dead silent, dark area with no noises except for the ones I make, having no clue on how long I’ll be stuck. I don’t want anyone to know I’ve travelled through this portal, but I just have to yell if I have any hope in escaping.

“HELP!” I shout. I constantly yell until my throat becomes too painful. Despite putting all my effort in the yelling, the portal continues to remain dead silent, just as it was before.


I realize the yelling is not going to help, as I’m certain no one knows where I am, because who could know about this very strange place? Much less hear someone in here. When I realize this, I just pause and let my body hang lose on it’s stationary spot with less hope, and I let the tears fall out of my eyes along with it.


All I want to do is awaken from this terrible nightmare where I made a terrible decision to just go jumping into the lights not knowing what’s going to happen, but I’ve learned to recognize the difference between dreams and reality; and I’m currently in reality. I seriously can’t believe I have just dived in there. I never had done anything like that before. When I finally choose to take a risk and get out of my comfort zone, I just fail miserably. Throughout my entire life, I’ve been told to take risks, but is that really what I’m supposed to do?


I continue to lay loose crying, hoping someone would come to rescue me. I just don’t want it to be another student or a chaperone because I don’t want anyone to know the mistake I’ve made by my unusual over impulsiveness. This experience just makes me glad I didn’t take the risk of speaking to Margie in the rest stop. Trying to rest, I allow the tears to continue falling, one by one.


After what has felt like days, I eventually notice a small spec light in the blackness. I examine it; it’s a starry white glow slowly heading towards me and expanding in size and intensity as it approaches. I almost shield my eyes as the light grows stronger. Then, I notice what it is; it’s a star white unicorn with a glowing pale golden mane. When I notice her, the glow slowly fades so my eyes can manage.


“Why, you look so young and inexperienced.” The unicorn says.

I try to back my stationary torso away in the shock of actual words coming out of a horse. But despite the fright, I listen at the same time for help.

“Why in the world would you travel through a portal by yourself?”

I’m hesitant to answer, but this freaky unicorn is looking at me with her black pupils that stand out in a white horse.

“Um…I didn’t think this would be this bad because I travel through portal to my common room all the time at school.”

The creature sighs, “You go to Spirit Prep, is that right? They tinker with those portals to make them safe and easy to travel. Yes, even the most experienced magical beings can sometimes get stuck between portals that have not been modified.”

Despite the guilt, I don’t feel panicked at the same time for some reason; “Well, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” I say.

The unicorn smiles, “What brings you here?”

My tears and guilt intensify again, but I somehow feel like I need to talk about this for once; “Well, the reason why I went through this portal is because I don’t know why I’m in an elite school. I know this leads to the human realm, and I’m hoping to use the connection between Mythblossom and the human realm to learn of why I was accepted.”


The unicorn’s eyes widen in interest, “Do you know Lucie Brooks?”

“Yes,” I say with an exciting feeling adding to my calmness, “You know she’s human raised too?”

The unicorn nods, “I was the one that informed her that she was accepted.”

My smile increases in size and I suddenly begin to speak quickly; “What do you know about her connection to magic? Does it have to do with mine? Just so you’d know we were in the same kindergarten class. Does this mean anything?”

The unicorn smiles again, “I knew that you went to elementary school together. I’m not surprised that you two live near each other.”

“But why?”

The unicorn answers after a brief pause, “I think it has to do with something that traces back to your ancestral origins and why you both are magic.”


The unicorn pauses once again while I have time to think, it joys me that there is some sort of answer, but not all questions are responded to. One of them being how my ancestral organs connect to how I’m magic.


“I assume you need to be back with your tour group.” The unicorn says.

I nod in agreement, “Can you help me get back?”

“My job is, in fact, to help young souls trapped in portals like yourself.”

The unicorn shuts her eyes tightly. Her glow ignites again with her horn blooming the strongest and whitest glow on her body. All I can notice around me are swirls of powder that look like grained, white stars. Those swirls carry me onto the unicorn’s back. When the unicorn starts moving, I relax and gaze at the colored lights that appear more and more frequent as the ride continues on.


While enjoying the slow and relaxing, once in a lifetime event, the unicorn speaks once again; “Even though jumping into portals is dangerous, especially for someone inexperienced like yourself, I’m proud of you for being so passionate about finding who you are.”


Out of nowhere a question appears on my mind. Though it is very random, I ask it anyway, “Do you know this girl named Margie Molina?”

After a slight pause, the unicorn responds with a, “Yes”

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