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  • I found a fix! Read my post if you can't upload photos! Reply
  • I still can not post any photos to any of my albums! if anyone can help with this glitch please let me know! Its been months since I have been able to post a photo! Reply
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  • DescriptionHi I'm Sapphire Glitterwish :D Thank you all for helping me change my username! Also i accept all friend requests so please add me! And if you have time please look at my album all of my outfits are in there :D Thanks for reading!
  • HobbiesGaming, Reading,Taking care of animals, swimming, cosplay, everything Hamilton :D
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentWater talent

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Link to my Fairy Facebook Page! 2017-09-16 Link to my Fairy Facebook Account! If you want to add ...
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fashionstylist 2019-5-12 00:09
SapphireGlitter: Hi thank you for commenting on my Queen Elsa Cosplay! Also I love daisy too! I did a cosplay of her a while back!
You're welcome and awesome! Daisy is my favorite character :)
MoonChildPotter 2019-4-23 17:25
SapphireGlitter: Hi Moon! I found a fix for the photo bug! however it does not seem to work  ...
Thank you dear! Hope it worked for you!
~ XO Moon
allie1723 2019-4-22 19:37
Hey, thanks for the support on my 12 Days of Outfits! I appreciate it :)
SapphireGlitter 2019-4-21 17:36
Ok cool! I'm glad we are all good lol! And your welcome! You page is one of the best I have seen in a while! I wish I had the editing skills to make mine that good! Oh and Happy Easter! Your Friend Sapphire Glitterwish!
Jasper 2019-4-21 10:35
SapphireGlitter: Thanks Jasper for replying to my thread! I did not mean it in a mean way I know mods work very hard. I just wanted to make sure word got out. Because  ...
Oh I know you weren't trying to be rude lol it's all good. I just wanted to clarify that the team knows  about the issue. Also  Thanks!
Fuffeedoo1 2019-4-19 19:47
I love all your outfits! Were you in the fashion spotlight once? I think I recognize you from the Never News.
SapphireGlitter 2019-4-15 18:36 here is the link for the post that has the fix in it! Hopefully it can help you too!
MiaSugarglow 2019-4-15 18:25
SapphireGlitter: Hey Mia! How are you today? Great news! I found a fix to the bug that I could not post any photos! So there will be a lot more photos in my album now! ...
Oh really?! Awesome! Now I can finally upload some more photos too. I can't wait to see what you made!~
SapphireGlitter 2019-3-29 13:34
Aw thanks Moon! No worries! It seems like a major bug! I hope a mod can fix it soon! Oddly no mods have really posted anything... I'm getting worried the post will get locked before it gets fixed.... I may have to post my outfits to my fairy facebook account just to to share them with everyone... I don't want to do that though if i can avoid it because i like fairy abc's photo sharing better.
MoonChildPotter 2019-3-28 17:12
SapphireGlitter: Hi Moon! Nice page layout! Thank you for trying to help me on the forums! Also thank you for rating some of my photos! I rated some of yours too! Pixi ...
You're too kind! Hope you get your pictures uploaded soon. Sorry I couldn't help more!
~ XO Moon
lotuscup 2018-5-17 08:54
how are you, long time no see, meet up in hollow for sure xx
lotuscup 2018-5-17 08:53
looking forward to next update on here xx
Autumn_Sun 2017-11-17 03:33
Love seeing the Dewdrop Vale from PH when I fly over to visit your page ~ it makes me smile :)  and brings back so many great memories and friendships.  I hope all is going good for you
Autumn_Sun 2017-11-6 04:47
SapphireGlitter: Hi Autumn! I'm so sorry to hear about your husband! Poor guy is going though so much... I will be praying for you both! I'm very sorry for not replyin ...
Thank you kindly Sweetie <3 I appreciates all the prayers.  I you are near & dear to my heart ~ though I haven't not been very good at reaching out to my pixie friends
Fuffeedoo1 2017-10-24 15:45
Your fairy and page are so pretty!!!!!!
Twimidna 2017-10-22 18:11
SapphireGlitter: Thanks sweetie! Btw I love your new profile picture of Awakening Tiki! I love fire emblem! Ike is my husbando as of right now XD I don't take the waif ...
Thank GOD Feh doesn't have perma death, my gosh. If that'd be the case, Ninian would've been gone a LOOOOONG time ago. And, if that'd be the case online, I would've taken a lot of people's characters with Brave Lyn and Reinhardt ._. Also, thanks bab o//o
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