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~My Wonderland~ [Bookmark] [Copy] [RSS] "We're all mad here, I'm mad, You're mad."

The Mad hatter's mad playlist!
Wandering Alices
Curiouser and curiouser...

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  • woawoawoa vocaloid is co o l Reply
  • Well it seems like today is my last day as a moderator for the fourms! It was really fun to know what it was like but since I don't really know how to do anything I didn't do very many things sadly. Reply
  • ♪Everyone hail to the pumpkin song!♪ Halloween 2017 space completed! Reply
  • t h e y ' l l n e v e r f i n d y o u r b o d y . . . .  M O R E B EA U T I F U L TH E N I D O Y OU L O V E LY T H IN G. h A H A S P A R K L E S! Reply
  • Guess what? I am not a robot. Reply
  • According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bee... Reply
  • t r a s h c a n Reply
  • Still a trashcan. Reply
  • still a trashcan as ever Reply
  • I'm a trashcan as ever. Reply
  • Trashcan Reply
  • Hope you guys like my page :D i spent quite some time on it last night. Reply

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zoealexak 2019-1-4 17:51
I looove alice in wonderland <3
kordei 2018-7-10 11:27
Dream: thanks! as you can tell I love Alice in Wonderland
me too! it's my fave disney movie!! i was even alice for halloween one year :-)
kordei 2018-7-8 18:10
hey!! love your avi!
smallapple403 2018-6-24 11:18
eleanorpixie 2018-6-9 08:30
Adorable page >.< Alice in Wonderland is my childhood favourite! <3
GoldenFlower 2018-5-30 21:30
I love these songs! <3 Mostly Everything at Once
zoealexak 2018-5-15 21:21
OMG we have like the same music taste <3 thnks fr th mmrs even if they weren't so great <3
Butterflies 2018-2-22 21:30
Dream: Thank you!!
You're welcome!<3
rain 2018-2-21 22:44
ooo I luv your page, it's fun and aww Awesome and ..I just want to stay here and watch  <3
Cookies 2018-2-21 17:45
Dream: Hullo Cookies! I've been good ;w;
Ooh that's good xD
Cookies 2018-2-21 01:58
hoi Dream, how have you been ^-^
Butterflies 2018-2-20 22:25
Your page is the best!!<3
dreamingangel 2018-2-14 11:09
SAIL0RSATURN 2018-1-28 04:58
мσcнɪ♥ 2018-1-16 18:39
aaa your page is really cute!!
thank you! your page is cute too!
Memm 2018-1-1 09:06
Happy New Year Dream! <33333333
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