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  • I'm thinking I might do some more cosplays, maybe one of Legolas from LOTR or Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager. Reply
  • I just finished my cosplay. :) I'm going to post it soon once Fairy ABC allows me to upload the image. Reply
  • I'm currently working on my first PH cosplay. Which is going to be cosplaying a character from one of my favorite movies. :D Reply
  • I love that this version of Pixie Hollow allows you to have performing talent, because I remember that in TBATLT that I loved the way the acting/performing fairy used Pixie Dust. Reply
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Bellflowerp 2022-6-18 16:22
Celtiere: Hi nice to meet you (sorry for responding late), and thank you. :D
Erutan's music is awesome isn't it, "the Jabberwocky" is such a good son ...
All good; my delay was even more abhorrent. LOL! I love both "Jabberwocky" and "The Willow Maid" as well!
Bellflowerp 2021-3-4 20:18
Hey! Awesome name. :D I noticed the song by Erutan on your profile, and I thought that was so cool! I love her stuff. <3 My favorite is her cover of "Jabberwocky".

Nice to meet you!
MoonChildPotter 2021-2-28 21:39
It has taken me longer than it should have to click where I heard this song. Love Hocus Pocus!
SapphireGlitter 2021-2-26 20:19
Celtiere: You don't need to apologize. I understand why you wouldn't respond, and don't worry I even don't respond to every single message on my wall or on the  ...
Thank you my friend! I hope that you have a wonderful week too!
SapphireGlitter 2021-2-26 16:33
Hi Celtiere! Thank you for posting on my Jan 2021 cosplays thread! I had a crazy week and did not get a chance to reply to your post before it was locked. I'm sorry.
FaunaAspenleaf 2020-11-30 19:26
Celtiere: I love your Faun cosplay. :)
Thank you! :)
SapphireGlitter 2020-10-4 15:05
Hi thank you for rating my cosplays! That was very nice of you! Btw nice page!
MoonChildPotter 2020-8-11 21:37
Hiya and welcome to FairyABC! Happy to see you found our corner of the internet. Cute fairy! Hope to see you on the forums and in game. I'm Moon on the forums and Moonsprite in game, if you see me don't be shy to say hi.
~ XO Moon
FaunaAspenleaf 2020-8-10 23:18
lovely page! and very cute fairy!
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