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  • i haven't forgotten about fairyabc! i just have a lot of things going on right now and don't have as much time to like. play the game and stuff haha. i'm not leaving!! i just have school & stuff :) ... Reply
  • as you guys have probably noticed, i haven't been very active since like 2017 lol. i started high school then, and am a senior now, so a lot has changed haha! 1/2 Reply
  • hey everyone i'm back again and am back at school as well :) Reply
i graduated high school recently and just wanted to come on here to say thank you for four years on fairyabc :-) i may not come on here much anymore but i was so excited to find this website in eighth grade and can't believe i'm out of high school now!!

i am really grateful for all of the memories i've made on here (anyone remember fashion cons and hosting parties in random stores?) and i'm so happy i was able to find fairyabc after years of searching for a ph rewritten.  i spent hours redoing my space (sometimes just to see it crash and reset lol) and picking music and it was So fun haha. this site has its fair share of glitches and weird rules, but i had a lot of fun!! i don't log on that often anymore but i just thought i would stop in to say hi and officially say where i've been :-) i sorta quietly left here so i hope this explains some stuff haha. fly with you later! <3
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zoealexak 2020-4-1 19:30
your playlist <3 so much taste omg
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18 / she/they

welcome to my space!

i like singing, reading, and photography : )

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