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Spirit Prep Chapter Seventeen

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 Chapter Seventeen-From anger to the unexpected

One month later


Though the weather in the Core is usually the same year round, I can tell that spring is in the air based on the higher amount of energy in the school and the talk of final exams. I hope these finals won’t be horrible even with Teagen’s frequent complaints to the teachers about how easy the school work is. Though, I’ve always found this school’s work to be pretty difficult. Although I’ve been enjoying the adventure this year, instead of being an A student, I’m a B and C student in magic. I even have a D in History of Magic.


For spring vacation, I decide to return home again to take a break from this magic with all these spring assignments. I’m honestly not as excited for this break as I was in February as I’m forbidden from reentering the crawl space. But what I seriously want to find out this week is how a magical being like that unicorn would know who Margie, a complete human is. I did ask the unicorn how, but she didn’t answer. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the time to do some research at the library due to the slight increase in schoolwork difficulty and me having to study more.


I take the flying car home just as I have in the past. When the car lands near my driveway, I could tell from the black sky and chilly weather that it’s pretty late at night. When entering the house with the spare key in the garage, the rooms are almost pitch black and the silence tells me that everyone is already asleep. According to the clock, it’s past midnight. The journey from the Core to the human realm kind of exhausted me, so I get ready for bed and fall asleep before doing anything.



In my slow awakening, I realize that I’ve had yet, another vivid epiphany dream. This time, it was in a public park not to far from my house. There was this festival going on, a familiar festival I remember going to when I was about eight or nine. When thinking about it, I’m pretty sure this was an art festival my school district sponsored. The event is held at around this time every year, but I didn’t want to go in these past few years. But in my dream, Margie and some of the other children I’ve remembered from my kindergarten class were at the event. It hit me; that festival includes all the schools in my district, including Mathiews Middle School. If I’m able to go this year, if I didn’t miss the opportunity, I may find a kindergarten friend and see if she does have a connection to magic, despite being a human.


I quickly scan my room for a piece of paper to inscribe my dream in; I find it on my desk. I quickly jot the dream down in as much detail as I could remember. A lot is remembered even when I’m not in my bed. As soon as I’m done doing that, I rush to my laptop to check the school district’s website to see if it has any information on the festival. According to the event calendar, this festival just happens to be this Saturday, about a week from today. I quickly tell mom about it.


Because I’m unable to venture through the crawl space this week, I don’t really do that much research. But I don’t feel that bad at it because I somehow know that there’s going to be an exciting expedition this Saturday, but it’s the first expedition I’ve had in a while that doesn’t really involve magic. I’m just going to an ordinary human event. But yet, I somehow feel like I’ll experience magic.



Saturday rolls around, and it’s still dark out with only the slightest hint of sunrise. I’m turn to the clock with my eyes partially open; it’s about 5:30 in the morning. I still have several hours to slumber. When attempting to fall back asleep, all I could focus on is this awful cramp inside me. This might just be one of the worst pains I’ve ever experienced. It’s just like a regular cramp I sometimes have, but it’s twenty times more intense and less ignorable. On top of that, it’s very unexplainable. The feeling is painful, yet strange. This pressure in my stomach is just pushing me to vomit, but it sort of prevents me at the same time.


I struggle to press my stomach on the mattress to push away the pain so I can fall back asleep. But no matter how much pressure I apply, this cramp won’t weaken at all. I head to the bathroom and sit on the toilet hoping for this cramp to subside, nothing changes.


As soon as I return to my bed and start to lie down on it, I vomit on my carpet. I look at this smelly, transparent puddle, despite myself not wanting too. It seems as if the vomit has tiny sparkles on it if you examine it close enough. When I notice those sparkles, I immediately and fully suspect that this strangely intense cramp is not a normal one. I’m pretty sure it’s caused by Teagen. She did threaten to attack me that one day after all.


Fortunately, after the vomiting, it feels as though my cramp has healed a bit. It’s still kind of difficult to sleep, but I’d rather continue my painful attempt to sleep then ask for the heating pad. First of all, I’m not sure that the heating pad would work on this, as it’s likely caused by magic, and I’m worried that my parents won’t let me go to the festival if I’m vomiting. With a weaker cramp, it’s easier for me to shift my focus away from the cramp and to the anger I have at Teagen. I’ve only learned a tiny bit about dreams in school, but maybe if I do fall back a sleep, I may dream of what Teagen is up to.



I still have this slight cramp. Only I’m not in my bed anymore; I’m standing on this burnet rock surrounded by a flaming pit of lava, but the warm air is not as hot as it should be. I’ve learned to realize that I’m in a dream right now. I think this is the dream I wanted, because Teagen is an Ignis, which is the house of the element of fire.


With slight nervousness, I look around for clues. That’s when I notice a tall, female figure standing. At first I think she’s Teagen, but while walking closer, with slight drowsiness, that figure seems to be taller than her. Stepping closer and closer, the shadowiness of the figure fades away. It turns out that this girl isn’t Teagen, she isn’t even someone I’ve interacted with or thought about much of in the waking life; it’s my sister Missy.


Missy smiles at me as I walk closer to her, but it’s actually a friendly smile. This is shocking because I’m expecting her to frown or give a rotten smile or something.

“So,” Missy says, “has school been rough this year?”

“Not really.” I answer, “School has been great compared to last year; it was only a little bit rough.”

Missy walks closer and touches my shoulder, “I can help you with any problems. You just need to ask.”

When feeling my sister’s hand on my shoulder, I feel comfortable with her, and I also feel trust. Though I completely understand how annoying and rude she is, she is my sister.


Instead of the anger at Teagen, all that exists is the feeling that Missy is my best friend, and I could tell her anything. I actually feel like telling her something I never would’ve told anyone in the human realm.

i don't care





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