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Spirit Prep Chapter Fourteen

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Chapter Fourteen-Another Curious Trip

What to do now? An almost certain path seems to have led me to a dead end. A few days ago I knew I should ask Lucie about Margie, and I did. She does remember her, but I thought I’d get more answers before I had to head to my table. Like, is that girl in the vision Margie or not? I honestly don’t feel like asking again, because I feel as if the questions on my mind are just too strange. Like, asking if she’s a magical being is kind of a shot in the dark.


Because I probably won’t be interacting with anyone for the next few hours, I attempt to put the question aside when I plug my grass colored earbuds in my ears and slouch back in my soft, comfortable bus seat for the road trip to the magical realm of Mythabia that awaits us. In the mist of the classical music I’m listening to, I remember Lauren again. In the past few nights I’ve had another vivid dream which involves Lauren in the magical realm. Yet, I don’t know it’s meaning.


After the insomnia of wonder I’ve had last night, I’m eager to drift off to sleep. As my eyes begin to close, the only noise I hear other than my classical music is Mrs. Waterfruit warning us that we’ll stop at a human rest stop before we reach the Mythabia portal.



In what feels like just a few minutes, I feel the bus pause in front of an ordinary roadside rest stop in the human realm with a heavy, dark green forest behind it. Our bus exit was similar to our exit in the museum field trip; we put on our “Neveberry Tours” tee shirt before getting off, and when we do, the bus looks like an ordinary motorcoach bus from the exterior.


As we enter the rest stop, the first thing I notice is the tee shirt of the students packing the area; they’re the solid blue colored, familiar looking Mathews Middle School tee shirts. This shocks me and makes me want to perform the reality checks I’ve learned to see if this isn’t another vivid dream.

Do I have ten fingers? I do. Is this one clock clear and easy to read? Yes it is.
Despite the reality checks, it still feels like I’m in another dream. Seriously, what is the likelihood that our school crosses paths with the same human school twice?  


However, there is a difference between the first time the schools crossed paths verses now. Just a few months ago, I didn’t care as much for seeing Margie as I thought I’d just run into her at Spirit Prep. Now, my objectives have changed. Thanks to these dreams I’ve been having recently, I’m more curious than ever. And If Lucie won’t give me too much information; I guess I’d better find out myself.


While wondering the rest stop, something shocks me; it’s the fact that I am not nervous. All I care about is seeing who Margie is. I don’t care whether or not I’m right or wrong anymore. I just want to find out and not let this crazy nervousness I’ve had just a few months ago block me.


The rest stop is crowded. It’s difficult for me to move amongst the crowds, much less read all the faces that are facing all possible directions in such a short amount of time. That’s when I remember that I am in fact a magical being now. Unfortunately, I’m in the presence of humans, which means there’s a large amount of spells which I can not cast. And most of the spells I’ve learned I’m not ready to cast on my own, so this brings a pretty limited selection of spells to choose from.


Luckily, the seeking spell I’ve learned is one on the list of spells I could cast right now. All it really requires is saying a few complicated words in my head, looking around while doing so and having strong hope that you’ll find the object. I’m not sure my hope is the strongest, but what I do hope is that I remember the words correctly. I did practice the spell a few times, but is it enough?


I decide to head to an area of the rest stop father from the bathrooms where it’s a bit quieter, to deliver space for the magical energy. While doing so, I feel even more powerful then I feel as if I’ve ever been. In my spell casting classes, I do feel the expansion of my aura, and I feel more powerful than average, but now, I feel more powerful than even in these classes. I feel as if I could rise above this building with my strong, glowing, brighter than sunlight aura and cast spells more powerful than any spell that was ever casted. Though I feel that way, I still try to contain myself as this thought is unrealistic. But what’s most important about this powerful feeling is how my hope of finding Margie only increased to the maximum. I feel energy and motivation to wonder around this rest stop and search. 


After about a minute, amongst the slight vision of sapphire colored fairy dust that seemed to come with my spell, I see Lucie, but she’s with one of the Mathews kids giving her a giant hug. I’m not surprised with this sight, as I’m now certain that Lucie used to go to that school, but the girl Lucie is hugging looks very familiar somehow. The girl’s face doesn’t look too different from Margie’s face from the photos. Not to mention that as soon as I see this girl, I feel a strong connection to her, like we know each other, and that we’re friends. The only thing that makes me question if that girl really is Margie is her skin color. Margie appeared to be a darker shade of tan in the vision and the photos. But I’m still wondering if they’re really the same person; it’s very possible. So I attempt to mentally compare the girl Lucie is hugging to the girl in the photos with an attempt not to stare at someone that likely doesn’t know who I am.


“Hi Daisy.” I hear in an unpleasant voice while looking at Lucie and that other girl doing the comparison. I don’t turn, and I hold on to my mental concentration because I know it’s coming from Teagen. This girl has seriously been bugging me in potions and spell casting class and telling me that I belong in this missing dark house of the school which I was told about earlier in the year. At first those comments sort of frightened me, but I’ve gotten used to them because she says them literally every day in every block we see each other. However, her comments did make me curious about this mysterious dark house. Teagen tells me that the only reason I was accepted into this top school after knowing literally nothing about magic is because the dark house wants to rebuild itself and take over the school again or something. Though, I’m certain this is because Teagen wants me to leave this school as she believes humans are ruining it by making the lessons way too easy and stuff. I feel as if my explanation is logical.


I continue my attempt to examine the dark haired girl that’s still grasping onto Lucie, when Teagen whispers to me in a somewhat serious tone, “If I’m allowed to, I’d attack you with a spell right now. Would you be ready for a magic duel with me?”  

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