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Spirit Prep Chapter Thirteen

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If it isn't the best, it's because I was so focused on rewriting the 14th chapter that I forgot I haven't posted this one.

Chapter Thirteen-More Memories Return

I feel very distant from my normal home right now, in a place I’m currently not used to being at, and I don’t know why. I’m in this human gym sitting on the bleachers. It doesn’t just feel strange that I’m in the human world; I normally don’t attend sport events, but the only reason why I’m here is because my friends, at least I thought they’re my friends because we ate lunch together last year, but we never talked to each other, are going. While sitting next to my human friends, I watch the group of young, sixth grade boys rushing back and forth the gym floor dribbling the basketball. I follow the large group as they dribble the ball as I know that’s what I’m supposed to do at a basketball game.


After the scoreboard timer buzzes off, the boys exit the gym floor, and that is when butterflies fill my stomach, as I know the next group of players that’ll enter are the 7th grade girls. I feel nervous because this basketball event is one with my school and Mathews Middle School. I know old faces could return.


I listen to the announcer call the names of the 7th grade girl players of both my school and Mathews. When he announces the names, they exit my brain as soon as they enter, but one name stuck through when the game continued on, and she was surprisingly from Mathew’s. The girl’s name is Lauren with a last name I quickly forgot. It normally would’ve exited my brain as Lauren is a very common name, but one of the girls wearing the dark blue tee shirt playing for the Mathews side has the same dark red hair color as a girl named Lauren that I was close with in kindergarten. I want to examine the girl to see if she really is the one from kindergarten, but it’s very difficult to focus right now. My vision is just very blurry and instead of focusing on the game, I just want to fall asleep on the bleachers right now. Suddenly, the gym starts to get darker, as if my eyes were closing and struggling to keep open. I go from sitting on the top of the bleachers against the wall to lying down with my head and back travelling through the wall as I lye. The bleachers then morph into my dorm room bed.


When I open my eyes lying down, the dream I had is still alive in my mind. I quickly realize that this dream is a clear flashback of an event that occurred last year. I quickly jot my dream down in my notebook. Along with the dream, I remember my friend Lauren too.


While tossing cold water by my dorm’s private bathroom and rubbing it around my sink, I realize how tempted I am to ask Lucie about kindergarten at breakfast. I resist the thought and continue to wash my face because it feels strange to talk about humans in a place where I hear nasty rumors about them. Not to mention the fact that I’m not 100% certain that we actually did go to kindergarten together…but I am 98% certain.


As I finish washing my face, brushing my teeth and changing from my pajamas into my uniform, the temptation to ask Lucie only intensifies. When heading from the Terra section of the school to the dining hall, all I want to do is erase this temptation from my head as it’s only making me want to run back in my dorm and stay in the comfort there all day so I won’t run into Lucie. If I do run into her, all I’d want to do is impolitely run from her in fear of not facing. However, I can’t try to avoid her because I have to go to classes today. At least Lucie isn’t in any of my classes.


As I enter the spacious dining hall and look for a table, I, just as I expected, notice Lucie sitting in her table. As soon as I see her I just can’t do anything but ask the question in order to remove the stress.


“Hi,” I quickly blurt out to Lucie, “so you’re human raised too, right? Where are you from?”

Despite some of Lucie’s friends forming confused expressions likely from me suddenly talking about humans, I do not regret the question as Lucie’s response is very friendly, “I previously went to Mathew’s Middle School in a town called Willow.”

“Which elementary school?” I ask.

“Country Road.” Lucie responds.

When Lucie answers this, one of my puzzling questions becomes clear, “I went there in kindergarten.” I enthusiastically respond.

“Cool!” Lucie replies in a more enthusiastic way, "I think we were in the same class! I think I remember you!"


Though there was excitement inside of me, it still felt awkward after the answer; I knew I had to ask something else as knowing if something I was already almost certain about is actually certain isn’t enough; “Remember Margie?”


That is when Lucie’s expression warps from enthusiastic to quietly thoughtful and somewhat emotional.


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i don't care





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