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  • DescriptionHi I'm Sapphire Glitterwish :D Welcome to my Fairyabc page! I make pixie hollow videos! And I will always love pixie hollow!
  • website
  • HobbiesGaming, Reading,Taking care of animals, swimming, cosplay, everything Hamilton :D Finger Knitting, playing with my cat,
    flying with pixie pals in the hollow, Making new outfits! Also New Cosplays! And of course making videos!!
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentWater talent

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Updated Nov 2020 link to subscribe to my youtube channel 2020-11-08  My old links were very outdated so here is a fresh link Clicki ...
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Link to my Fairy Facebook Page and Youtube Channel 2017-09-16  Not sure why my Youtube link still has my old u ...
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SapphireGlitter 2024-3-10 20:54
Aw no worries Scout! I'm glad everything turned out ok!
Fungirl99000 2024-3-10 02:35
SapphireGlitter: Yeah I'm the same way, I tend to take long breaks but something about pixie hollow always beings me back. I'm glad that we will always have Fairyabc t ...
Me too, I don't think I'd ever be able to just abandon this site even if I really wanted to, especially since it had such a big impact on my childhood
Jeocalix-Inminf 2024-3-7 22:17
SapphireGlitter: Hi Scout! Welcome back to the hollow!
Thanks! God bless you!
Fungirl99000 2024-2-26 22:56
SapphireGlitter: I'm doing better! I have not played in so long it is so nice to be back in pixie hollow!
That's good, I'm glad you're back! I haven't really been around here much except to lurk in my pms or something. I really wanna get back into it too though, I miss pixie hollow and all the memories I had on this forum  
Fungirl99000 2024-2-22 04:34
SapphireGlitter: Hi! It has been a while. How are things?
Hii long time no see! Things have been going alright, thanks for asking :) How about you?
TheCuriousSeed 2024-2-18 12:09
SapphireGlitter: Hi Curious! I saw someone in summit style but I did not know it was you lol It's been to long I have to learn everyone's fairy/sparrowmen names again  ...
In 2.0, I flew in as Ginkgo Silkmuse.
MoonChildPotter 2024-2-17 19:15
I'm slow. Just saw your message girly. Always here to listen :). Keep flying strong my friend!
TheCuriousSeed 2024-2-14 21:08
SapphireGlitter: Hi! Missed you!
Hi, Sapphire! I saw you a bit earlier at Summit Style on 2.0!
SapphireGlitter 2024-2-12 18:32
Thank you for your kind words Moon it means the world to me. Much love and Pixie Hugs!
MoonChildPotter 2024-2-6 22:03
SapphireGlitter: Hi Moon! It's so nice to hear from you again! Things...have not been going well it's a long story and I don't want to get into it, But I'm trying to g ...
I'm very sorry to hear you're having such a rough moments. I'm here if you ever wanna talk.
I so get FairyABC is your happy place!! (:
MoonChildPotter 2024-2-3 17:47
Hey my friend! I saw you were logged in the other day and just wanting to say you're missed. Hope you're well!
KaiKim 2023-1-28 21:35
SapphireGlitter: Hi my friend! Thank you! I just made a few more outfits and cosplays. I just came back from a long break a little while ago, I'm sorry I did not reply ...
No worries! Thats totally okay!    Can't wait to see them!
KaiKim 2022-10-5 02:40
Your style is fantastic and amazing! I hope to see more of your awesome outfits soon! ^-^  
TheCuriousSeed 2022-7-12 08:36
Ah, the memories. The bee target practise, the Charm skill, Silvermist's grotto, Bubble Bounce, Garden Supply... good times. (^_^)
MoonChildPotter 2022-2-12 21:10
Heyyyy girl. Just wanting to make sure you're alright! Hope to see you soon my friend.
~ XO Moon
Lorella 2021-9-4 00:52
SapphireGlitter: Hi Lore! Anything new? Miss you!
Hi, I am doing fine
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