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Coffee Vibe
Ever wonder what makes a rainy day so perfect?

Z E N  I N  T H E  A R O M A

STUDYGRAM - @comfylofi

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zoealexak 2020-4-1 19:38
Your page is so pretty <3 omg
DelicateDeer 2019-6-15 14:07
What a lovely page! ♥
FloraSeastone 2019-6-3 16:22
Fly with you! Your page is so charming. I especially like the cat paw in the header, heehee.
Do you have any tips for someone who wants to get into bullet journaling?
mikiamio 2019-5-25 20:58
Love this aesthetic
Ilriam2466 2019-5-15 18:17
coffeecup: This page is so beautiful I wanna study under such sky :0
Oh thank you :) I love the shades of pink on your page, it's very cute!
Fungirl99000 2019-5-13 15:42
coffeecup: 日本語がわかりませんか?^^ 君の歌が好きな :)
私は少し日本語がわかります >.< どうもありがとうございます!
Shiloh-chan 2018-12-12 22:04
I could use a coffee rn..  Also nice song^^ lol (Solo) The  intro has me hooked
WinterSparkle 2018-12-3 20:31
Forever Young is like my favorite Blackpink song! And I still can't get over your page, I find it so cute~! ^-^
ihaveausername 2018-10-3 17:21
Lovely page! As a fellow procrastinator, I can relate.
WinterSparkle 2018-9-12 17:59
coffeecup: Thanks! I love yours too!
Thank you!
WinterSparkle 2018-9-9 13:00
I love your page!
zoealexak 2018-9-6 12:26
coffeecup: This page!! <3
aw, thanks!!!
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  • website
  • DescriptionWelcome! Here's your petite girl taking care of your tea, coffee and pets! Do not hesitate to talk to me!

    ENG and JAP ok!
  • HobbiesBlackpink stan, bullet journaling, designing, dressing up, skin care! I am planning to be a petsitter soon too ^^

    Come join me on my studygram on IG! @comfylofi
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentTea making talent

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