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My Fellow Aliens

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A Flight Of Desire 2018-05-12
A tail of fire A trail of light A tale of desire To take flight. With the eyes of the watchful people, A grand burst of colors swept over the city. ...
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  • DescriptionEllie, representative of the Helios Solar System.
    I maintain peace within the Universe and contribute to the Intergalaxy Union.
    Every being's feedback is equally as important as my people's.
  • websitehttp://
  • HobbiesPoetry, graphic designing, gaming and occasionally having photoshoots.

    Pretty much on PUBG, fighting till the last drop.
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentStar counting talent

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  • Gotta admit my mental state been going down these weeks. But I found hope when I read about starting a new life, a new identity. I want to start from healthy diet and plenty of old hobbies :) Reply
  • It's funny when I opened my mic chat and guys would go like "You're a girl?? I thought you're a guy!!" How rare can girl gamers be :/ Reply
  • Gone hiatus for too long.... Should I start making poems again? Reply
  • I have loved the stars way too long to be fearful of the night Reply
  • When they said they've shipped my tablet and got my hopes up the whole day.... but it's only arriving in a week    Still happy knowing that it's on the way! Can't wait ♥ Reply
  • Gratitude and appreciation cannot be described, only felt. Reply
  • Sleepless nights filled with poetry and designs spinning in my mind ❀ Reply
  • The only stars I know are the ones that light up for me. Reply
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hedgehug 2022-6-18 19:27
Your page is beautiful!!!
Lorry 2019-9-26 06:17
eleanorpixie: Beautiful page! <3
thank u !!
smallapple403 2019-5-8 19:35
love the vibes<33
JeonJakook 2019-4-4 13:27
eleanorpixie: Thanks! I love your page too, BLINK ftw! Don't forget to stream their new song Kill This Love as soon as they release it! <33
ty! yaas 8)
JeonJakook 2019-4-2 01:33
i love your profile picture, its so pwetty :3
RedRoseDay 2019-3-13 18:18
You have an awesome page!
zoealexak 2019-1-13 19:43
eleanorpixie: Omg you're like one of my fav acc here, thanks so much for your compliment!! <3<3 Your page is pretty too!
aww, thank you so much!!! That means a lot <3
zoealexak 2019-1-4 17:51
Your Page is so prettyyyyy
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