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  • I'm back!! ...anyone remember me? Reply
  • I wish living was more fulfilling. Reply
  • I'm finally a talent master!! Yay! Reply
  • "I have a lot of intrusive thoughts and they all fall under humor even though my life is collapsing" Reply
  • "I know what I'm doing. What, what AM I doing?" Reply
  • "I have a mild water allergy" Reply
  • "Mentally, I'm like 2 years old, and I'm tired, so that makes me, like, 1...years old" Reply
  • "What if we made an alignment chart of vines?" (Obviously, 'can I get a waffle' is lawful good. "road work ahead' is chaotic good. 'fre shavaca do' is true neutral.) Reply
  • "You spelled '1' wrong. How do you spell a number wrong?" Reply
  • "You're fantasizing over someone who's been dead for over 50 years!" Reply
  • "Let's burn the fire with fire!" Reply
  • "Sarcasm is my division, not yours" Reply
  • "I drink milk because I'm not real" Reply
  • "We're living in a terrible cliche 90s sitcom" Reply
  • "Oh look, a stick! Wait- I just got genuinely excited about a stick..." Reply
  • DescriptionHi, everyone. I'm almost never on this website anymore, but sometimes I come back to see how it's doing. I sort of miss it here.
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  • HobbiesI write! A lot! I'm technically an actual factual novelist because I have in fact written a novel that's about 250 pages. It's about superheroes who have useless powers and have to think creatively to make them work. Granted, it also...isn't published yet. But when it is, I'll link to it here if that's ok :)
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentStorytelling talent

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