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  • Descriptionfly with you!
  • Hobbies♥*♡+:。.。 i love reading + watching dramas 。.。:+♡*♥
    my in-game fairy is rosa icegem and you can often spot her flying around springtime orchard and neverberry thicket, looking at the flora and fauna! otherwise, she would probably be switching up her outfits or curled up on her sunflower sofa at home.

  • GenderFemale
  • TalentGarden talent

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MoonChildPotter 2021-8-16 15:04
crystahlll: heya!! it's been years since i've logged on ahhaah you probably don't remember me but have u still been playing!! c:
Heyyy! Course I rember you, you're one of the first I've met! I still fly in but haven't in a couple months due to family things. Hope you:re well. Happy to see you Back!
crystahlll 2021-8-14 00:08
UPDATE <3333 i missed being on here so i finally came back n completely forgot how much time i spent decorating my page ahhaha
samebert 2019-8-28 23:40
Love your page!! And I totally feel you on school keeping you busy:/
crystahlll 2019-8-6 07:22
HEY ALL!!! i'm not dead, school's just been keeping me sooo busy. i'll never leave fabc hehe dont worry (not that anyone reads this but) i pop in from time to time!!
crystahlll 2019-4-5 08:25
hi everyone!!
just decided to pop in and give a bit of a life update :') i'm doing well in school right now but i'm still trying to get used to school bcs i had a gap year lol
in other words, i really want to redo my page but i'm soo lazy. i'm really happy to see fabc still thriving tho :'')
crystahlll 2019-3-11 07:32
crystahlll 2019-3-2 10:16
hey all, i hardly come on here bc of school but i'll never leave fabc! so glad to see the community still bustling about :')
zoealexak 2019-2-9 15:18
crystahlll: oh i went to hear the song i think they made a similar song to the one on your playlist called oh cecilia. both versions are really nice hahah
The Simon and Garfunkel version that is on my playlist is the ORIGINAL. The Vamps ruined it.
DelicateDeer 2019-1-17 23:40
Your page is gorgeous! ♥
zoealexak 2019-1-13 19:46
crystahlll: omg is cecilia that song from the vamps aaaa
Wait... you're telling me that The Vamps covered this song? Ew, that's disgusting. No, this is Cecilia ORIGINALLY by Simon & Garfunkel from the 1970 album "Bridge over Troubled Water". The Vamps have zero talent compared to the brilliance that is Paul Simon's lyrics.
smallapple403 2018-12-28 19:54
crystahlll: holy shit your page is so cool especially the gifs :))
aww thanks it took me a while to find them hehe my eyes was so blinded at the end
smallapple403 2018-11-17 15:15
omgggg wahh ur page is so cute<33
mooneye 2018-11-3 19:02
crystahlll: i love your fairy's outfit it's so chic! loving the hair especially :))
this is super late but you're so sweet, thanks so much! <33
TurtleMuffin 2018-10-23 17:29
Hey! I just wanted to see how you were doing. I haven't seen you in a while, and I just want to thank you for being my first friend on FairyABC!
Its been a journey, and I'm grateful for you being one of the first people to run into all the way back in July. Just, all I can say, Thank you. I hope you're doing well also :)
MoonChildPotter 2018-10-10 19:54
Beautiful page. Love the End-Of-Summer-Sparkler background. Always loved those decorations! I too love reading. Hope to see you in game.
~ XO Moon
♥️CECILE♥️ 2018-10-8 20:56
crystahlll: aww thank you!! i love how your fairy looks she's so glamorous
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  • also wna redo my page but i think it's fine the way it is for now   Reply
  • i lowkey have sooo many cute outfits screenshotted ready to be made into an album but i'm lazy as heck teehee Reply
  •   just redid my page and it looks cuter but i stiLL don't know how to add cute pictures and shit :') Reply
  • lmao i wna change up my page but i'm so lazy and i dont know how to do literally half of the things i wna make hsjs Reply
  • ugh i would honestly love to be active on here and join activities but timezones suck :( Reply
  • yall idek anymore i'm experiencing so many glitches :// Reply
  • hello pixies!! i just joined fairyabc yesterday and i'm soo excited & glad to be back in the ph community ♥ Reply
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