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zoealexak 2019-1-4 17:51
Your page is so cute <3
eleanorpixie 2018-11-24 22:51
I'd call you, but you can't call back :p You're finally back here!
berries 2018-7-13 13:15
kordei: i love your avi n username!!!
Thank you!!! <3 <3
Dream 2018-7-11 19:20
kordei: me too! it's my fave disney movie!! i was even alice for halloween one year :-)
wow! that's cool! I wanna be Alice for Halloween one year
zoealexak 2018-7-11 14:37
kordei: hey! love your avi n page!!
Thank you so much!!!
TurtleMuffin 2018-7-11 14:12
cosmoetic✧・゚ 2018-7-10 22:04
kordei: i love your avi and username!!
ahh tysm! <3
Nelly2024 2018-7-10 15:17
kordei: hey alina!!
Hi, River!
wanderlust 2018-7-10 12:53
hi river!
Carlypson 2018-7-9 21:01
kordei: hey dahlia!! it was so fun meeting you!
Same! xD
Isabellez 2018-7-9 06:07
kordei: hey!! love your page!
ee tysm! im so glad you love it :)
your page is so cuuute i love the fruit in the background <3
houlique 2018-7-9 01:38
kordei: hey tori!! it was so fun meeting you!!
Hiyyaa it was fun meeting you too <3 !
Dream 2018-7-8 21:26
kordei: hey!! love your avi!
thanks! as you can tell I love Alice in Wonderland
daisypetal 2018-7-8 20:19
hi shistar ;) x♡
crystahlll 2018-7-8 15:00
kordei: yeah! omg thank you so much!!! your page's so aesthetic too!!
THANKS teehee i just did a lil makeover although it's not the prettiest
Martin 2018-7-8 14:12
kordei: hey martin!!
Hey there!
arianator3942 2018-7-7 23:53
kordei: hey rob! im excited for your slime store!!
My parents are unsupportive of it. My parents say it won't be worth it. We came to a compromise that I can do it after I finish my summer math course and only sell one slime at a time. Not mass production. So it will be a few weeks
coffeecup 2018-7-7 19:58
kordei: hey girl!! can't wait for you to make a fairy! :)
Haha alright I will now!
TurtleMuffin 2018-7-7 19:01
kordei: hahaha ;)) you should put the pic of us in an album or smth!
I tried to, but it wouldn't let meeeeeeee :(((
SparkieLuna 2018-7-7 16:51
O your page is so colorful and pretty and nice looking! Makes me happy for some reason, idk. But I love your page so much!

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