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sp0ngeb0b [Favorites] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] 차영~ Gardenia // IUD- 4106


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  • websitehttp://
  • Descriptionhellohello omg thanks for visiting my page. If you havent noticed im desperate..
    Hiii im a wannabe. In-game im known as Gardenia.. Not the one thats known well haha..
  • HobbiesI'm a late (?) teen, and I enjoy photography, drawing and dancing. Dogs too! so cute! x
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentArt talent

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stan ASAP! x
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JeonJakook 2019-3-12 19:27
love ur page :O
JeonJakook 2019-3-5 13:27
Isabellez: i love the styling of you page! and it has JK :DD hello fellow army <33
ty :DD
WinterSparkle 2019-2-4 20:39
sp0ngeb0b: I love your page so much!! <3 AND your music choice is soooo good!
Thank you very much!!! I also love your page as well, the colors are so beautiful! And thank you again! I really love K-Pop a lot :D Also, I see you have Playing With Fire by BLACKPINK in your music box, and that is my favorite Blackpink song! My bias is Lisa :D
keypersforever 2018-8-25 19:05
Please remove the gifs they're against the rules not trying to be rude its just i don't want you to get Banned
Here's the rules please read them Thanks! Have a nice day!
RaeCollins 2018-7-10 14:33
Nice page Gardenia!
kordei 2018-7-10 11:31
sp0ngeb0b: ee tysm! im so glad you love it :)
your page is so cuuute i love the fruit in the background <3
omg thank u!!! i hope i see you in the hollow soon!!
kordei 2018-7-8 18:11
hey!! love your page!
cosmoetic✧・゚ 2018-7-8 14:45
sp0ngeb0b: came across your page by curiosity and i LOVE IT! <3
ahhh ty <3 xx
crystahlll 2018-7-8 09:27
hey omg this is super random but can you teach me how to put gifs?? i've been trying SO LONG to figure it out (like i insert a link into a custom block but nothing appears ughh)
crystahlll 2018-7-8 08:52
sp0ngeb0b: ayyy blink!!
yesss haha my bias is Lisa ;A;
eee jisoo is so cuute haha
YESS hehe i love her personality sm
Cookies 2018-7-7 18:15
hoi other Gardeniaaa o/
Michal 2018-7-7 11:49
anastasia-lock 2018-7-7 11:49
Heyoooo :3
crystahlll 2018-7-7 08:05
hi omg i love bp too!!! im guessing your bias is lisa? mine's jisoo hehe
Nighty 2018-7-7 02:20

B A C K <333
Nighty 2018-7-6 14:50
sp0ngeb0b: baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabe
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