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disneygirlygirl's space [Favorites] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] You are the cause of my Euphoria~~ ˶⚈Ɛ⚈˵

amasing 2.0 ↓ ;D

  • website
  • DescriptionHi! I'm just a lovely Army, Blink, NCTzen, Monbebe, Stay AND HOPEFULLY NOTHING ELSE CAUSE IM INTO TOO MANY GROUPS- X'D I love video games and kpop :D i also love miraculous and bnha :3
  • Hobbies☆ fangirling over jungkook :')
    ☆ shipping people
    ☆ drawing
    ☆ playing games
    ☆ being random XD

    ☆ my fave colors: black, white, red, dark blue, pink (ik, a lot XD)

    ☆ kpop biases and bias wreckers:

    BTS - Jungkookie ofc :3
    bias wrecker: Jimin

    TXT - Taehyun
    bias wrecker: Beomgyu

    NCT - Taeyong
    bias wrecker: Jaemin

    Stray kids - Hyunjin and Jisung
    bias wrecker: Jeongin

    Monsta X - Wonho
    bias wrecker: Kihyun

    Blackpink - Jennie?
    bias wrecker: Lisa? (i swear every time i choose jennie as my bias, im so tempted to change it to lisa, but when lisa is my bias im so tempted to change it to jennie X'D)

    ☆ register time - 8/23/17

    ☆ other user - kookie2cute
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Villiana 2019-7-6 00:50
JeonJakook: yea I'm kinda behind on it too XD i think i only watched 3 or 4 episodes XD i really need to catch up LOL
S A M E- it's literally summer now- i should be binge watching all night long but ya girl is lazy :P
Villiana 2019-7-3 12:53
JeonJakook: LOL yas :3
have you watched season 3 owo- I'm like really behind on it, like i only watched 2 episode or even 2 of season 3 :P
Villiana 2019-7-3 01:58
Oooo a fellow MLB fan!! <333
bbqueen2 2019-6-19 12:08
Very cool space! I love Miraculous and BNHA, too!
smallapple403 2019-6-18 22:50
love this <33 ARMMYY
beanytomo 2019-6-6 20:46
JeonJakook: ty :3
ur welc uwu
beanytomo 2019-6-6 20:36
love this
~Stacey~ 2019-4-16 11:59
JeonJakook: hello person C:
eleanorpixie 2019-4-4 07:18
JeonJakook: i love your profile picture, its so pwetty :3
Thanks! I love your page too, BLINK ftw! Don't forget to stream their new song Kill This Love as soon as they release it! <33
Isabellez 2019-3-8 06:19
JeonJakook: ty :DD
Isabellez 2019-3-5 13:00
i love the styling of you page! and it has JK :DD hello fellow army <33
PixieDelRey 2019-2-6 01:05
JeonJakook: thank you :3
you're welcome ♡
PixieDelRey 2019-2-5 12:45
your page is wonderful, not to mention, you got t a s t e
Dawn 2019-1-20 12:09
you know Ctrl A lets me see all your information
Fungirl99000 2019-1-16 14:01
YO nice new page 8)))
Jeocalix-Inminf 2019-1-3 15:20
Happy new year!
Feliz año!
Feliz anho novo!
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