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Rose Garden [Bookmark] [Copy] [RSS] Just a heads up, I am not online a lot...

  • I'm probably overreacting about this but... I just saw someone with their ID number thing in the 40,000s! I feel old now.   Reply
  • I'm baaaackk yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall Reply
  • Sorry that I am never on.. yall probally dont even miss me.   Reply
  • I just made a thread, and it wasn't approved, and it said "spam". Why?? My last thread was on August 12. You've got to be kidding me.   Reply
  • I just had my first day of 8th grade, and I already have two pages of homework to do.   Reply
  • Lol I feel like it's only me getting up at 7 am and going on here first thing.   Reply
  • For some reason, I have been watching videos of people who think the Earth is flat. I just like to hear the reasoning behind their beliefs. (I believe the Earth is round btw) Reply
  • I'm wearing my fox onesie from Christmas 2017. I love it. :3 Sorry if I can't spell it.... Reply
  • Why are half of the things I post not approved?? They aren't inappropriate or breaking the rules. Reply
  • Oml. My AC has ice in it. You open then vent and take off the filter screen thing, and then you can see ICE. It has been 100 degrees these past few weeks, and I have ICE made from the AC.   Reply
Friends <3 2018-06-22
I want to thank some peeps for being the best friends I could ever have. A special thanks to: Valorie Frostwhisper. You are so kind, and amazing! ...
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What Makes Me Truly Happy 2018-05-29
I truly love it here on FairyABC. It is a second home to me. I come here to talk to all of these friendly people, and it just always makes my day. Ano ...
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Life 2018-05-03
Hey! I'm just a normal Disney-loving teenager.... buuuuttt I have some questions...  Why are there so many people in this world that hate the ...
(1086) Views|(2) Comments
Animal Jam 2018-03-01
Hey everyone! Crystal here! I just wanted to talk about Animal Jam. I love the game, but sometimes it gets boring. I love to visit the oceans though. ...
(1001) Views|(1) Comments
The Struggle 2018-02-04
The struggle of middle school. Hey everyone. Today I wanted to talk about the struggles of middle school (well at least my struggles). I am in 7th gra ...
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TheCuriousSeed 2021-8-18 09:03
Roses... s'all I can say. @->-------

And cue a whole new meaning to the song Deja Vu. \(^_^)/
Azolla 2019-10-9 16:26
GoldenFlower: I love your page!
Not as good as yours.. your page looks AMAZING!
Twilaa 2019-2-14 20:22
GoldenFlower: GURL. Your page is STUNNINGGG! :O Miss you so much btw!! <3<3 Happy Valentine's Day!!
Thank you so much! Happy Valentine's, girl! <3
rosesnsunshine 2019-2-14 19:28
GoldenFlower: Yeah, I just got distracted by school. It's harder now with extra classes.
I feel ya. Good luck with studies!
rosesnsunshine 2019-2-6 17:02
Your page is stunning <3
Haven't seen you in so long!
Rosesandstars8 2018-11-27 14:16
CatMistt 2018-11-13 09:51
Now this is what I call, F A N C Y
ihaveausername 2018-10-6 16:33
You know, I forgot how nice your page is. The music you chose makes me think of my mom- she's very much into Christian rock and actually plays especially the first song on you playlist around the house a lot.
keypersforever 2018-9-6 15:44
GoldenFlower: I love his videos! :O
So do i he's so funny!
keypersforever 2018-9-6 09:49
GoldenFlower: I saw your username, and I just wanted to ask. Are you a fan of Collins Key?
Yes are you? Collins Key is amazing
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  • website
  • HobbiesHey everyone. My name is Anna, but I go by Isabelle on FairyABC. I am 13 years old. I believe in God, I am a christian. I have a twin sister too. You may know her as StarNova11. Some of my favorite shows are 'The Flash', 'Arrow', and 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow'. My ALL TIME FAVORITE movie is 'Mama Mia!'. It is the best! Go watch it on Netflix (PG-13)! Welp, that's me. Fly with you soon!

    ~Animal Jam (snowflakesnowytoes11)
    ~Obviously FairyABC (GoldenFlower-Isabelle Flutterwings)
    ~Eating :3
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentWater talent

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