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HappyDerp 2020-5-23 19:56
Hey Stella! I miss you dude!
Torrine 2018-11-18 01:30
OMG is your profile picture from Precure?? :D
ihaveausername 2018-10-6 16:29
Woah, such a bold and beautiful page color scheme!
SeaWeedLaver 2018-10-2 20:57
I love your page and Cure Blossom!
Starreyes 2018-8-14 12:59
Your page is absolutely stunning  
SIA_18 2018-8-3 15:00
Love you babe  
Cookies 2018-7-7 17:24
Solariopa: SALAD HI creative writing is wild, IT TAKES SO MUCH TIME but i love doing it uitjhiujthi
I BELIEVE IN YOU STELS! Your writing is literally so good, I know you got this <3
anastasia-lock 2018-7-3 13:24
Solariopa: Ayyyy np np and same goes to you <3
wanderlust 2018-7-3 13:12
Solariopa: VIC HI sorry for being inactive i've been writing and stuff and ahhhh i wish i could come on more
HI OMG, i miss you and no need to apologise i understand, but yes plzcomeonmore so you can grace us with your presence oh my goD
anastasia-lock 2018-7-3 09:52
Ily stellaa thank you for blessing me with your existence, and just thank you for everything you goddess  
SIA_18 2018-6-27 22:49
Solariopa: Good good, procrastinating on this big fanfiction thingamajigy i'm doing uwu
Procrastination nation!!! Lol I feel ya babe I think my hobby is procrastinating lool xD
SIA_18 2018-6-27 19:59
Solariopa: Hellur wb wb wb!! <3
Thank you babe♥ I'm doing faaanntastic now that I'm back and hru babe ♥
SIA_18 2018-6-27 12:15
Hey babe ♥
Nelly2024 2018-6-27 09:19
Your space and music if everything!!<3
Jasper 2018-6-25 14:21
Solariopa: MY BOI
Cookies 2018-6-25 14:17
Solariopa: IT'S BEEN 1000000 YEARS BAE
STELS BB <3333
JulieBubble 2018-6-16 16:17
Solariopa: Thanks gorl c:
You’re welcome! :)
wanderlust 2018-6-15 23:28
the hair in your drawing reminds me of ciara's hair for her glam outfit in her music video for Ride omg
JulieBubble 2018-6-15 14:14
Girl your page is amazing
rosesnsunshine 2018-6-5 23:16
Oh my gosh, your page is stunning!

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