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personal fave persona games: 2/4/5
they need more love :(
a lot of vocaloids/cevioloids need more love!

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  • Descriptionsmol adult.
    call me liz, other name too long.
    Home of Violet and Lizzie lemonlace.
  • Hobbiesreading (books,manga, or fanfic), playing/watching video games, watching anime/cartoons, dress-up games, music listening and hunting.
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my music player's up! 2021-10-08
turns out all ya needed to do was copy your pc files to your browser, and grab that url. my variety may be...strange for pixies, but sometimes ya need ...
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new icon! 2021-03-24
  tried to make lizzie and violet on a twin picrew. they didn't have much clothes, nor dark skin tones but I think they look pretty close. ...
(204) Views|(2) Comments
activity log (temp) 2021-01-23
im doing this bc i am unable to update the log. so im removing it from my space and putting my blog posts instead.  i got the files for UB fu ...
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electrospider78 2021-8-17 17:45
maybe i should test out my writng here...
TheCuriousSeed 2021-8-13 03:59
I don't remember that retro 80s picture of Indigo Sonic and Red Shadow, but it's really cool.
electrospider78 2021-6-21 04:26
i really wanna do a player showcase, but nobody's done one in 2 years...also i tried to make a post and it didnt let me due to my honored pixie status, yet there were other HP members in there.
electrospider78 2021-6-21 03:57
i still miss the comment-like log system, blog posta are bleeeeh
Blue_Hiraeth 2021-3-23 15:18
electrospider78 : i have mp3 files on my computer im hoping to turn into a playlist Ah ok yeah unfortunately that would be where you're running into problems. To add music to your page's music box you need a mp3 web address. There are some sites you can use to try to track down mp3 addresses but the simpler way to get addresses for the files already on your computer is with dropbox. Do you happen to have dropbox or would be okay downloading it? It's safe and free :) ...
Blue_Hiraeth 2021-3-19 22:54
electrospider78: i still wonder how some of yall made those music playlists, especially with that layout.  ive tried, but only 1 song will show.
Oh no that's frustrating :( The music playlists are so finicky, some people have better luck with them than others even while doing the same thing which is just odd. Are you using mp3 addresses that end in ".mp3"?
electrospider78 2021-1-23 02:33
ewww doing blog posts feels to formal...i liked the activity system more
allie1723 2020-11-3 20:48
    ayooo I love your Ulala avatar!
♥foxheart♥ 2020-7-19 20:54
Hi! I love your Marina avatar! :)
electrospider78 2020-7-11 01:22
my problem got fixed! thanks for whoever lifted the forum thing!
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