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personal fave persona games: 2/4/5
they need more love :(
a lot of Synthesizers need more love!

  • Descriptionsmol adult. Home of Violet and Lizzie lemonlace.
  • website
  • Hobbiesreading (books,manga, or fanfic), playing/watching video games, watching anime/cartoons, dress-up games, music listening and hunting.
  • Gendersecret
  • TalentTea making talent

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Making Vio & lizzie on other sites! 2023-05-30
( search this tag for the picrew #元気ゴリゴリ ) ( #百合メーカー ) ( used GaiaOnline for this one) ( Azalea's pixie scene maker, du ...
(186) Views|(1) Comments
happy winter~ [moon ball recap, gifts to me and for myself] 2021-12-27
sadly, i lost all my photos from this recent moon, so i'll recap it here. there were a lot of people this moon! i distinctly remember abi having ...
(498) Views|(0) Comments
my music player's up! 2021-10-08
turns out all ya needed to do was copy your pc files to your browser, and grab that url. my variety may be...strange for pixies, but sometimes ya need ...
(532) Views|(0) Comments
new icon! 2021-03-24
  tried to make lizzie and violet on a twin picrew. they didn't have much clothes, nor dark skin tones but I think they look pretty close. ...
(687) Views|(2) Comments

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electrospider78 2024-1-14 06:46
do i even want to be a talent master, its pink not purple :3
electrospider78 2023-8-12 03:12
omg i procrastinated so hard on new music! and im sooo mad JP artists dont use bandcamp, i have to steal
electrospider78 2023-4-6 16:18
full moon balls will be coming back in the summer, just keep in mind i NEED that associates degree
electrospider78 2022-12-21 01:28
phones are too big now! i upgraded, but its so heavy at the end i dont use it for long
TheCuriousSeed 2022-11-14 05:41
For a while I thought you drew your avatar, but now I realise it looks like a Neopets Avatar Maker instead, which still works.
GrayHiraeth 2022-9-1 04:39
electrospider78: ah, so little. i can kick you like a football.
GrayHiraeth 2022-8-25 03:30
electrospider78: how little are you?
electrospider78 2022-4-16 21:36
pc complete! way more people made it to the ball, compared to last times! like, nearly 12 people can be in a server of mine!
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