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    Lava 2020-4-23 02:36
    JulieBubble: Sneeze
    Ahhhh! Corona!!  
    Jasper 2020-4-22 16:32
    JulieBubble: did min say yes?
    yes LOL
    zoealexak 2019-2-20 20:51
    JulieBubble: Bruh I must go to Walmart
    You should, and soon bc its limited edition.
    zoealexak 2019-2-16 13:28
    JulieBubble: Oh now I know where to get it
    I got it yesterday. It comes with a free digital download too
    zoealexak 2019-2-13 00:11
    JulieBubble: Bruh it's coming out on DVD in like 3 days you bet im buying it
    I'm buying it too, sis. Buying the Walmart edition bc it comes with a Queen shirt
    zoealexak 2019-2-9 15:13
    JulieBubble: I need to see it again D:
    You should! I've seen it 5 times now
    zoealexak 2019-1-23 14:34
    JulieBubble: I'm also obsessed with Queen too! Have been since I was 13 and started to go through some bad times. Bruh Bohemian Rhapsody is the best movie ever! I  ...
    I've been into Queen's music since middle school but I wasn't as obsessed as I am now bc of the movie. Also update: I've seen Bohemian Rhapsody four times now !!! And yes Ben Hardy is hoooooooot omg
    zoealexak 2019-1-19 10:27
    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS QUEEN <3 I'm absolutely obsessed with Queen now that I've seen Bohemian Rhapsody three times. Yes, three. It's an unhealthy addiction.
    Villiana 2019-1-1 22:42
    JulieBubble: I was so triggered ;-;
    Awieee, no being triggered, YOU BETTER KNOW I LOVE YOU GIRL. No joke though, you is amaze, and you should be blessed with the BESTTT, always. I hope 2019 is like ten times better than 2018 for you. <333 HAPPY NEW YEARR!~
    Villiana 2019-1-1 22:33
    JulieBubble: Your page is aesthetically pleasing ALSO WHY WEREN'T WE FRIEND SJKFHKDJHFKS
    juno30 2018-12-31 14:31
    JulieBubble: Hello darkness my old friend
    your pfp jumpscared me LOL
    anastasia-lock 2018-12-30 19:34
    i'm cryinf julie i love your page
    Dresses24 2018-11-2 20:14
    ahh love your theme ♡
    Whisper 2018-11-1 21:33
    Also I love the Eagles so you have terrific music here.
    Whisper 2018-11-1 21:32
    I can't post on threads for some reason. I think it is closed.
    Anyway I was not online when all this happened, but I agree it takes a brave person to apologize publicly.  I hope to see you around the Hollow. So glad you are here.
    ihaveausername 2018-10-5 15:32
    I love the autumnal theme on your page!
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