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What makes me cool or not

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JulieBubble 2022-6-4 20:38
Lava: HI I miss you sooo much! <333
I miss you too bb <333
JulieBubble 2022-6-1 01:09
Kiss Kiss darling
anastasia-lock 2022-1-22 16:16
Lava: MISS ANA!!!!! i lav you
HEYYYYYY i miss u sm pls
TheCuriousSeed 2021-3-2 22:25
Hey, isn't the song Trap of Love from one of the Scooby movies from around the 2000s or 2010s? The group singing this also sang another song, but all I can remember is that it was about love of some sort.
Jasper 2020-10-10 13:56
YUUUUUP that's my bestie or whateva  
MoonFields 2020-9-12 15:58
| Daily reminder: I lav you <333
beanytomo 2020-9-11 21:01
Lava: I love the new theme!!! <3
thank you so much!
anastasia-lock 2020-8-29 17:02
Lava: Not me stalking your page while we're on a call together O.o
omg hello....
Jasper 2020-8-20 21:51
Lava: Who is this purple guy...? Jasper, or whatever your name is?
I don't know, but he introduced me to this weird Hex Girl chick.... Lavender, or whatever her name is..
JulieBubble 2020-8-20 19:39
Lava: ily <333
It finally showed me your message ;-;! ily2 <333!
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  • Feeling: Broken...  Reply
  • Sooooo I have this thing planned and I’m soooo excited for it. But like I really wanna tell someone about it and unfortunately I have no one I can tell...... :// Reply
  • No matter where we go, no matter what we do. You'll always be there for me and I'll always be there for you. <333 Reply
  • Do you ever get the courage to finally jump but you don't because you're too afraid to fall? Reply
  • Ɛ> noʎ ǝʌol ı <3. Reply
  • It's funny. You think you know how you want things in life to go and then someone comes along and suddenly you question everything. Reply
  • "You look sad today..." ~~I'm always sad, I just don't have the energy to hide it anymore~~ *smiles* "Nah, I'm fine. Sorry about that!" Reply
  • I wanna stand as close as I can to the edge without going over. Reply
  • So, I no longer have a job now.... I am not okay. Spooky season, you will be missed! AND ALSO WEAR YOUR MASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. Reply
  • This is lame but, I"M FINALLY A MINISTER!!!! Reply
  • Do you ever just overthink to the point that you don't believe the truth anymore...? Reply
  • UPDATE: The drawing was a success! Now the question is, what to work on next.... If you have any ideas please tell me!!!! Reply
  • Do you ever have that feeling of freshly cut hair and its so soft you cannot stop touching it...?!?! *touches hair five more times* Reply
  • Well, I finally updated my page xD I'm actually really happy with it! It's the complete opposite of what it used to be... OOPS Reply
  • SO, I started drawing again! Lately it's been portraits of my friends and I. I'm really excited about the one I just started on. Hopefully it turns out good and they like it!!! *fingers crossed* Reply

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