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Julie Bubbelcloud [Bookmark] [Copy] [RSS] Who was gonna tell me my name is misspelled?


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peanutsayscacaw 2023-1-13 21:32 (Pending)
Not validated
TheCuriousSeed 2022-12-29 11:38
Three words to describe your page: Welcome to Winter.
Jasper 2022-11-8 10:28
JulieBubble: Please, I am gasping for air
Jasper 2022-11-2 15:53
JulieBubble: I ruined the even 8000
#roadto10k this programming is possible due to viewers like you, thank you
TheCuriousSeed 2022-10-26 18:42
Is it just me or did your page suddenly look more magical yet retain the same autumn rainy decor? Either way, it reminds me of autumn.
beanytomo 2022-9-23 23:25
wow miss fall aesthetic
Piratedashie 2022-9-22 17:31
Your page looks amazing!! Love the Autumn appeal ^^
Serendipity129 2022-9-13 18:57
It's autumn! I am in love with your page. Autumn is my favorite season, you know. Also, I love how your name is misspelled but you keep it there!
TheCuriousSeed 2022-9-9 21:14
It's now raining on your page in the autumn. It still looks like a beautiful place to visit.
MoonChildPotter 2022-8-31 22:19
Your page stuns me everytime. It's so gorgeous!!
Jasper 2022-8-12 18:11
omg misspelled name challenge JULIE BUBBEL WINS I'm crying ily
StormyLightning 2022-8-12 12:05
JulieBubble: Sobs          
aww, don't cry
StormyLightning 2022-8-10 17:24
so, like, your name is mispelled
beanytomo 2022-8-8 20:06
JulieBubble: commenting so I show up on your list...hopefully..
omg how r u still not on my list????
beanytomo 2022-7-29 20:09
JulieBubble: How come I’m not on your list o_o
i guess we're not really soul sisters  
beanytomo 2022-7-23 20:43
JulieBubble: kiss kiss darling
mwah ;*
beanytomo 2022-7-20 22:10
i will surpass jasper on your friend roster
peanutsayscacaw 2022-7-18 21:56
JulieBubble: Ayo how you doin'?   
jk im doing ... alright
twilight 2022-7-18 20:04
hi juile. xD
Jasper 2022-7-17 11:07
JulieBubble: Yo, abi and peanut surpassed you on my friends list   
"Well then I GUESS we're not TRUE FRIENDS >:(" -tinkerbell

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