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  • I somehow managed to get my mom to let me buy a bts album XD Reply
  • Lol I'm bored Reply
  • O no it's love holiday today *insert distressed gasp of terror* Reply
  • I'm not dead guys XD I've just been hiding in my PMs   Reply
  • Merry Christmas!!! :D Reply

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  • websitehttp://
  • DescriptionHey there! I'm Grace/Fungirl99000 and I'm just here for the cookies ^.^
  • HobbiesI'm a fan of Star Wars, Vocaloid, Kpop, and BTS.


    Kpop biases and bias wreckers:

    Bias: J-Hope
    Bias wreckers: Jungkook, Suga

    Bias: Lisa
    Bias wrecker: Jisoo

    Red Velvet
    Bias: Wendy
    Bias wrecker: Yeri

    You'll often catch me using MMD nowadays ^.^

    ~I am NOT into boyfriend/girlfriend love at all lol
    ~I love music so much
    ~Imma Christian. Don't be afraid of me cause of that, I don't bite :)
    ~I draw everyday
    ~Im still into toys at the age of 15
    ~I want to be around lots of people online, but irl, I think I'd be more comfortable living in the forest with the animals instead of other peeps (Unless it's disneygirlygirl or Midnightescape! Live with me in the wooooooodz!!!)

    Stuff I like to do:
    -Rainbow Looming
    -Writing on Wattpad
    -Animal jam
    -Fairyabc (of course!)
    -Watch movies
    -Ship peeps
    -Eat junk food
    -Open presents
    -Play with toys
    -Think about random stuff liiiike.... Random... Stuff? Lol
    -Listen to music
    -Cuddle Mocha (that's my cat)
    -Talk to new peeps and get to know em
    -Play Star Stable Online
    -Play The Sims 4

    Also these people are amazing:
    Monkeydude111 (me bro)
    Ilikepandas111 (me other bro)
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentForest talent

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Fuffeedoo1 2019-1-25 20:26
Fungirl99000: O_O from the original PH?
Yes, actually.
Fuffeedoo1 2019-1-25 19:22
I just recently saw your fairy in a snapshot I took back in 2013.
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