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  • Hi it's my birthday. I'm officially 16   Reply
  • Bruh Wonho still isn't back. I'mma throw hands if they don't let him return to Monsta X soon Reply
  • Y'all I can't make group chats ;( Someone raise the devs from the dead so they can help meh plz Reply
  • I am feeling extremely sad knowing Wonho left Monsta X Reply
  • I just found a song I last heard YEARS ago. I forgot it existed and the n o s t a l g i a Reply

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  • websitehttp://
  • DescriptionHey there! I'm Grace/Fungirl99000 and I'm just here for the cookies ^.^
  • HobbiesI'm a fan of Star Wars, Vocaloid, and Kpop.


    I stan BTS, Monsta X, and Stray Kids~

    J-Hope ♥

    Hyungwon ♥

    I.N ♥

    You'll often catch me using MMD nowadays ^.^

    ~I rarely show affection even if I feel it oops
    ~I love music so much
    ~I is Christian uwu
    ~I enjoy sketching
    ~I still have toys in my room at the age of 15
    ~Socially awkward unless I talk to you all the time or if you speak to me first

    Stuff I like to do:
    -Rainbow Loom
    -Lurking in the PMs
    -Watch movies
    -Ship my friends with strangers sksks
    -Eat junk food
    -Collect toys and junk
    -Listen to music
    -Love on my cat
    -Talk with me friendos
    -Star Stable Online
    -The Sims 4

    Also these people are amazing:
    Monkeydude111 (me bro)
    Ilikepandas111 (me other bro)
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentForest talent

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Jasper 2019-9-4 20:08
Fungirl99000: Hi! I've been doing fine. Hbu?
Glad to hear it. I've been alright, stressed over going to a new school lol
Jasper 2019-9-4 17:32
Hi friend! how are you doing?
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