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HappyDerp 2020-5-6 14:36
Fungirl99000: Heyy girlie. Chef Grace here >.> How ya been?
Aye Chef, I've missed you :-D
It's been a while!
Jasper 2020-3-29 17:52
Omg I got a shoutout <33 just noticed lol!
Lava 2020-3-22 19:03
Fungirl99000: Hi!! Welcome back!
Thanks! I missed you guys!
Lava 2020-3-22 16:26
Hey!!!! Long time no see! <3
Dresses24 2020-3-3 20:12
oooh ur page is cute hehe
Nighty 2020-2-16 20:01
Yooo thanks for the artwork! I forgot about the request haha.sorry for the late reply! <3
WinterSparkle 2020-1-29 22:29
Fungirl99000: It's alright, don't worry about it!
WinterSparkle 2020-1-25 15:57
Fungirl99000: Agree, I could listen to it a million times and still think it's one of their best songs. Yes, I did see their new mv for Answer. I liked the song! Ho ...
I really love the song! Im so sorry for replying so late, a couple of things are going on in my life right now so I dont know what am I doing and what I have and haven't checked/seen anymore
MiaSugarglow 2020-1-24 01:54
Fungirl99000: Thank you! Yours is cute as well. Yes, I am an Army :) Who's your bias?
my bias is taehyung! uwu. is it okay to dm you? sometimes i don't get notice notifications ;-;
JeonJakook 2020-1-24 01:41
Fungirl99000: Your banner picture>>>>
MiaSugarglow 2020-1-24 01:28
hi~! i really like your page!! i also noticed you're an army?? :o
WinterSparkle 2020-1-7 22:29
Fungirl99000: Definitely Say My Name. That is, so far. I only just started stanning so I don't know many songs from them but that one has been the song I keep comin ...
Say My Name is so good though! One of Ateez's best songs in my opinion. Hala Hala is also really good. Have you listened to their newest song, Answer?
WinterSparkle 2020-1-6 22:16
Fungirl99000: Agreee Follow is such a bop.
My Bts bias is Jhope and my Ateez bias is Seonghwa! How about yours?
My BTS bias is RM and my Ateez bias is Hongjoong. What's your favorite Ateez song? Mine is Say My Name and Utopia :D
WinterSparkle 2020-1-6 22:03
Fungirl99000: Oh, nice! Fellow bts and ateez stan here ^^ I also stan Monsta X, who are my ults rn. Oh and im a fan of Stray Kids as well
Monsta X is a great group, I like their song Follow, its so catchy! Who is your bias in Ateez and BTS? (Also I'm using my phone to get onto FABC, so it is kinda hard to see pages and other things)
WinterSparkle 2020-1-5 02:16
Fungirl99000: Hmm, from the songs in your box I see you're a kpop fan. Which groups do you stan?
I stan BTS, ATEEZ, Got7, Blackpink, Twice, Mamamoo, NCT(still getting into the whole NCT and subunits tehe), SuperM, and that's pretty much all I can recall at the top of my head. Probably missed a couple, but that's alright. I havent updated my music box in like a year.... I need to fix that one of these days. Anyways, what groups do you stan?
Jasper 2019-9-4 20:08
Fungirl99000: Hi! I've been doing fine. Hbu?
Glad to hear it. I've been alright, stressed over going to a new school lol
Jasper 2019-9-4 17:32
Hi friend! how are you doing?
LilyPrettydance 2019-8-3 08:37
Love your page!  
beanytomo 2019-6-20 21:23
Fungirl99000: Hi fellow Army ^^
army represent
Jasper 2019-6-16 14:52
Fungirl99000: Hi! Yeah, it's been a long time >< How have you been?
Sick lol... Trying to be more active on here since school let out :P wbu?

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