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  • Is Adobe flash really shutting down? Or is that just a rumor? There's stuff everywhere that uses it. If it really is then I'm going to be ticked off Reply
  • Weird login glitch spotted. Is anyone going to do anything about it? Probably not because it just be like that. Reply
  • So Wonho is back as a soloist now. Aight, so we all just gonna ignore the fact that we're gonna have to watch Mx promote as 6 forever? I mean I'm so happy he's back but :| Reply
  • Dude someone was literally banned for "having Tinkerbell as pfp" istg I'm going to throw hands pretty soon Reply
  • Wonho's name has been cleared. I repeat, Wonho's name has been cleared. Reply

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  • websitehttp://
  • DescriptionHey there. I'm Hannah and I'm just here for the sake of keeping Grace alive.
  • Hobbies''Let the haters bark because I don't even care about it.''
    ~Im Changkyun 2019

    I'm a K-pop fan but please don't let that scare you off. I ain't crazy.

    I stan BTS, Monsta X, Ateez and Stray Kids~

    J-Hope ♥

    Hyungwon ♥

    I.N ♥

    Seonghwa ♥

    I'm bad at making animations in MMD so you'll often catch me taking the lazy route and using motions that ain't mine.

    Wonho is back but Starshibal still sucks :/

    ~I may act very irritated and serious nowadays in my activities/posts but I'm not mean plz talk to me
    ~I'll listen to music for hours and not get bored
    ~Art is love, art is life
    ~The only childish thing about me is that there are still toys in my room but don't judge
    ~Socially awkward unless I talk to you all the time or if you speak to me first so if you wanna chat plz initiate the conversation

    Stuff I like to do:
    -Rainbow Loom
    -Wattpad (pure stories only)
    -Lurking in the PMs
    -Watch movies
    -Collect things
    -Listen to music
    -Talk with mer friends
    -Star Stable Online
    -The Sims 4

    Also shoutout to
    You nice, keep going
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentForest talent

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HappyDerp 2020-5-6 14:36
Fungirl99000: Heyy girlie. Chef Grace here >.> How ya been?
Aye Chef, I've missed you :-D
It's been a while!
Jasper 2020-3-29 17:52
Omg I got a shoutout <33 just noticed lol!
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