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Server and game issues

Hot 4Viewed 121 times2019-8-13 23:07 |Personal category:fαιяуαв¢| glitch, glitches, server issue, game not working, game, game

I doubt anyone will read this lol, but just to be clear I don't have a solution to the server or browser problems as of yet. Since I'm not a developer I don't really have access to the database and have no real insight as to what's happening. All of the things I've learned about solving site issues was learned from watching and mimicking what the staff before me did, and from my own trial and error. So I really don't have much "proper" technical knowledge but I do my best to tinker around and try to find what's going on by myself since I can't exactly just call up the devs.

Servers are messing up in that players are getting stuck on the hourglass waiting screen. As per arianator3942, changing browsers, rebooting, and switching wifi has no bearing on this issue which leads me to believe the issue is on the end of the server owner. And this glitch is happening a lot, so I assume it must be some common setting that some people may have and some people may not. Obviously I assume everyone can enter their own servers, but that is problematic when people can only go into a server alone. I was able to get into a server I didn't own just now and asked the owner a few questions, about browser settings that I thought were pretty common.

She did not have an ad-blocker, was using Firefox, browser showed fabc as a secure connection, was not using incognito, and I didn't catch which operating system she was on. Her server URL did say server17 as it should, I know sometimes the links will save in your history and show up if you type "serv" or something of the like in the url bar as a shortcut, and that's faster than going through the site links, but that can sometimes end up in using an outdated link if the url has updated, which has happened to me several times.

In case the issue is on the user end, some possible things to try may be using incognito mode, logging in and out [solved the same issue in 2017], booting into safe mode [likely to give you the all-white glitch], or as Pandora suggested, making sure that FairyABC is a trusted site on your browser/using a VPN. Make sure your game link says game1211.

And that's really all I've got right now. It could be that literally none of these work and the problem can't be solved without developers, but I think they're are atleast worth a shot since people are upset over missing FCF and such. As for the game deciding on its own which browsers it wants to work on during which month, I am really at a loss. That's something I couldn't see into unless I had access to developer tools.

I said this in my comment on Robin's post, and it's sad to say, but until/if the developers become active again, this website is really hanging on by a thread. There is a plethora of glitches bombarding the site because to my knowledge there is minimal upkeep happening. And I may be wrong about that but it's the way it seems. FairyABC has not been understaffed per se but in recent years we have only had a couple of people developing the game, and if this is the decline of the site then I'd say we had a pretty good run for the resources we had. I have met so many wonderful people on this website and my time here has been such a rollercoaster of emotions and events that I hadn't had in a long time. I came here in 2013, I've had opportunities to be a leader and to create for a community that I had a small part in building, and that has been very rewarding. I'm thankful for all of the people who have made FairyABC a small part of their lives [or if you're like me, a huge part] and I'll remember this place for as long as I live, just like the original Pixie Hollow.

Don't let me get you down though, I still hope to fly with y'all for however long the site stays up, and I assure you that we'll keep our fairies flying on in the future

i don't care





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Reply arianator3942 2019-9-6 18:59
fully agreed

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