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  • DescriptionHi, I'm Rose!
    Like many here, I enjoyed flying with my fairy on the old PH, and remember being sad when it closed.
    That was long ago; however, and I am now excited to make new memories here with you all!
    Fly with you later! ♥
  • websitehttp://N/A
  • Hobbies✿ playing board games
    ✿ practicing piano
    ✿ spending time with family
    ✿ reading books
    ✿ sketching (or attempting to at least)
    ✿ singing Disney songs
    ✿ so many other things I can’t currently think of…

    P.S. If you have any drawing instructions or tips you are willing to share I would love the help!
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentHelper talent

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Fairy Wisdom
"If you head toward the second star on your right and fly straight on till morning, you'll come to Never Land, a magical island where mermaids play and children never grow up.

When you arrive, you might hear something like the tinkling of little bells. Follow that sound and you'll find Pixie Hollow, the secret heart of Never Land.”

-Disney Fairies. Introduction. Lily’s Pesky Plant: All About Fairies, by Kirsten Larson, 2006, Random House, pp. iix.
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peanutsayscacaw 2022-3-19 22:05
LittleRoses297: Welcome to Pixie Hollow, Emilmemez! So glad you're here! <3

Also, I love your header. Where's it from?
thank you so much!! also, I found the header in the profile editing settings when I changed my theme around. not sure where the og pic is from though!
beanytomo 2021-12-13 19:05
LittleRoses297: Wow! Your page is stunning! I especially love the header!! Wish I was this devoted! My page is literally just colours, lol! <3
Thank you! Hard work pays off!
Springbrook 2021-7-22 14:18
LittleRoses297: Hi, Crystal! Glad to see you're back! Your page is lovely with all the flowers and such! ✿ I like the pale pink base, too! Is this your favourite col ...
Many apologies and sincerest remorse and such, I really have not been active and cannot promise that I will be back permanently, however, I really appreciate your message! This pink is not my "favorite" color but I still think it's really pretty!
Flowers2GO 2021-6-12 17:48
LittleRoses297: Aww! Talk about cute, This page is utterly adorable!!!! <3 <3
Do you have a favourite Winnie The Pooh character? If so which one?
Piglet, hands down!!  He's the underdog in The Hundred Acre Wood.
"Piglet may be the smallest, yet he has the biggest heart of all!!"

Glad you like the page.  I enjoy making others smile.
stale2cupcakes 2021-5-23 04:12
LittleRoses297: Wow, you changed your page! It looks lovely! I especially love the cute little mushroom trees on the margin!! The commitment to the purple theme makes ...
Thank you Rose, glad you like it!
Celestialberry 2021-4-30 01:28
LittleRoses297: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like my header! I'm so happy that I'm getting better at drawing!
You're an art student though? Wow, that's so cool!!  ...
Hiiii again!!! :D Ooooo my favorite formats are anything really, (I like trying new things) but I mostly enjoy sketching, painting using watercolors or oil pastels, and also digital art on Adobe Photoshop :)
MoonChildPotter 2021-4-25 19:57
LittleRoses297: I think I replied to this, but I can't remember for sure! So just in case:
Thanks so much! I bet your fairy was lovely as well! It's okay you can't re ...
Ha, no worries. Yeah, I think I tried to make a Rosetta but they never had the option. I understand why now but back then I didn't lol! Mine was Roseflame, Animal talent. Didn't have the heart to recreate her tho.
Lauren09231566 2021-1-17 19:37
LittleRoses297: WOW! Icy, You changed your page!!!  It looks really cool! I don't know many anime, yet, but I know the header is from a famous one. I love the Chibi c ...
Thank you so much! It took me awhile xD and yesss the header is tokyo ghoul :3 and i thought the chibi neko girl on the edges was cute ^-^
Celestialberry 2021-1-17 16:56
LittleRoses297: WOW! I love your page, too!! Everything's blue and it's simply gorgeous! I especially love your header! Did you draw it yourself?
hiii! aww tysm!!! your page is especially pretty as well- I love the pfp!! and yea, i have a bit of an obsession with blue aesthetics hehe. I'm an art student, but no lolll i didn't draw that beautiful header, its actually from deviant art and the artist is called RyKy :)
doritos04 2020-12-20 14:46
LittleRoses297: Nice page! the colours and background make me think of that time when the suns completely down, but it's not dark yet. They actually have a special wo ...
thank you!! your page is really nice too!
MoonChildPotter 2020-12-16 01:15
LittleRoses297: Hi, Moon! Nice to see you, too! :) I wish I could tell you what my fairy name was, but I honestly can't quite remember...I do know she was a garden ta ...
I'm sorry you can't remember her talent. I'm sure she was lovely. There were alot of Roses in the OG game ;)
SapphireGlitter 2020-12-8 15:06
LittleRoses297 : I have had that comment typed up in my notes for months. I'm glad my avatar is working so I can finally post it! Your designs/cosplays are really deta ... Wow months omg I'm glad that that problem was fixed! And wow thank you so much, I really do spend a lot of time on my outfits and cosplays. That you saved that comment for so long and still remembered to post it means a lot to me! Your love of Pixie Hollow shines brightly as well! ...
MoonChildPotter 2020-12-7 23:31
Hihi! Nice to see another OG player find this place. I was Rose or well Roseflame in OG game. I'm Moonsprite *Moon* on here. Hope to see you around more and in game.
SapphireGlitter 2020-12-4 16:06
Hi Rose! Thank you for your kind words about my cosplay! It means a lot to me! I hope to fly with you in the hollow soon!
stale2cupcakes 2020-12-4 11:47
Hiiii you seem so cute! I saw your message w/ the friend request but I didn't know how to answer it lol.Let's chat sometime!   
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