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  • Gotta wake up before 7am tomorrow to see the LEGEND - S - BAPTISM XX stream of the broadcast. Sacrificing my sleep for Babymetal. Reply
  • It's Moa-nday on the r/Babymetal, and my iPad storage is overflowing from great pics! Reply
  • Or maybe my room smells bad because I'm lazy lol Reply
  • Anxiety stop thinking there's a gas leak, you're smelling your own fart probably Reply
  • Got a haircut...Only a few inches, but now it feels so SHORT  Reply
  • website
  • DescriptionMy favorite band is Babymetal, if you couldn't tell by the music. I like to draw stuff and keep up with current events. If I don't respond to you in game, don't take it personally. I just worry a lot about things, like talking to people.
  • HobbiesDrawing stuff, being lazy I guess
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentArt talent

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BABYMETAL Kansas Show 2018-05-09
I was not there, but seeing the videos, BABYMETAL absolutely killed it! However, the big thing is- NO YUI. YUI was not at the Legend S concert either. ...
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Years 2018-03-15
I was looking at threads about the old PH, and old videos about Babymetal, and honestly those years feel so recent. But the thing is, I was five! (omg ...
(152) Views|(0) Comments
Oh man oh boy get hyped 2018-03-05
gonna go to a Babymetal concert in may, get hyped guys It's kinda silly but I'm practicing jumping for megitsune and karate (plus BABYMETAL Death t ...
(172) Views|(0) Comments
About drawing requests 2018-02-14
lol I thought it was Thursday This is important information I needed to share. I have some requests I finished and need to post but honestly I forg ...
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GoldenFlower 2018-4-28 11:03
I love your page! The nature is making it feel so warm and cozy! :)
BlushBunny 2018-4-26 17:24
hazelnostalgia: Awesome username change!
Hehe, Thanks.
(It took me awhile to finish completely updating my page OwO)
Venus 2018-4-4 19:32
BlushBunny 2018-3-30 00:27
Nice page! <3
(And oh my gosh, It's been a while since I last heard Megitsune! OwO)
Rosesandstars8 2018-3-4 15:56
and i love rwby to!
Rosesandstars8 2018-3-4 15:54
a forest!
Butterflies 2018-2-16 23:06
nice page!
Navya 2018-2-4 09:59
i like your page
Shiloh-chan 2018-1-29 00:26
Pssttt! (go to my profile and click on my red envelope under "statitics" for free coins    )
Shiloh-chan 2018-1-28 23:35
Wow what a creative page ! xD And also don't worry about what people think of your grammar and spelling.. Type the way your comfortable ;)
Cookies 2018-1-20 01:23
You like RWBY!
Pandora 2018-1-1 11:51
Happy New Year!
Pandora 2017-12-29 22:23
Thanks Jasper, Yes, Welcome!These Rules are put in place by the Developer, Fzra Su.  "Su" You can read them in the Rules tab.
Jasper 2017-12-29 19:28
Hi I'm Jasper, welcome to FairyABC! Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. I hope to see you in-game :D

Also sorry, it's against the rules to have real person profile picture :( please change is asap, thank you!
MoonFields 2017-12-29 11:57
| Welcome to FairyABC! We're glad to have you in this community. Hope you enjoy the rest of the site~ C:
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