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TheCuriousSeed 2021-5-1 18:41
Wow, this page is lovely!   I'm getting a rosy sisterhood theme with your page!
Jasper 2020-7-8 15:53
I miss seeing you around, Rose. Hope to see you soon   
ViolinistGirl 2018-8-8 21:06
Neat page!
MichaelJames 2018-8-1 01:15
Excited to see more cosplay.
Nelly2024 2018-6-25 17:52
you page gives me so much vibeee
GoldenFlower 2018-6-23 09:04
Navya: omg at mid night!!!!!!!
lol it waas worth it :3
GoldenFlower 2018-6-22 12:44
Lol your header made me watch "Secret of the Wings" last night at 2:30 am.
khloerose 2018-4-29 11:16
hello, hi! your name is so pretty. :D
thestargazer 2018-3-20 07:46
omg your header!!!!! <333
MoonChildPotter 2018-3-18 22:09
Love your page. Secret of the Winga is my sistet's favorite Tinkerbell movie.
~ XO Moon
Cookies 2018-2-21 01:48
Navya: see you later in PH
see ya
Cookies 2018-2-21 01:02
Navya: yeah, i see you Gardenia :)
Yeahh! We should talk more sometime xP
Cookies 2018-2-21 00:42
Navya: oh really!!!!  what is your fairy name ???
I'm Gardenia :3
Cookies 2018-2-21 00:13
hoi rose! o/
I saw you in-game today xD
arianator3942 2018-2-17 23:52
Navya: hi Robin.How are you ??
Navya 2018-2-14 00:00
In PH,I'm Rose.Meet in PH fly with you Lotuscup
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hi 2018-01-24
How are you friends ??I'm just completed my task thats why I create this blog  Navya invite you to fairyabc discussion Board http://www.fairyab ...
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