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Sabrinaandove❤ 2018-8-31 17:36
ahh your pagee amazing!
eleanorpixie 2018-5-5 00:07
Beautiful page! <3
thestargazer 2018-3-22 08:13
girl i  love your avatar!
HappyDerp 2018-3-11 22:19
So cute and adorable, teach me your ways :D
Isabellez 2018-2-14 03:35
Lorry: your theme is extremely pleasing! <3
sorry for the late reply D: but tysm, love!
мσcнɪ♥ 2018-1-15 21:28
umm? how do i steal your aesthetic without getting arrested?
avamauve 2017-12-20 23:21
cute page <3
GloriFields 2017-12-14 06:16
Hi Lori~ Love your page! ❆
Tinkeresa 2017-12-11 01:28
Lorry: your new page!! i love it! i got a real spoop when jimin's voice started screaming from my laptop because my volume was all the way up ahahaha.
hahaha I gave you a spoop! >:] Be prepared, but thank you!!! :D ♡
beanytomo 2017-12-9 16:40
Your page is so pretty!
Pumpkin 2017-12-8 10:00
Cool page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tinkeresa 2017-12-4 03:45
Lorry: i love the snow!! i love how festive it is. i'd change mine but that's so much work smh.
Yeah it is a lot of work, but I personally enjoy these kinds of things so it doesn't bother me. :)
Tinkeresa 2017-12-4 02:48
SooOoooOOo uhhh I changed my profile again. <3 :)))
Tinkeresa 2017-12-4 02:26
Lorry: the gifs are the cutest thinggg. ): <3
It's not too much of a change but ISN'T IT CUTE!? Oml I love it! I just wish the background with the information was the same snowflake pattern as the header and background :(((
Tinkeresa 2017-12-4 02:24
Lorry: thank youuu. the servers just shut down a lot. it happened to me too. x:
Aw dang :(
Tinkeresa 2017-12-4 01:32
I LOVE IT! And I think my game froze/broke ;n;
Tinkeresa 2017-12-4 01:18
Aww o//////o Thank you!! :) It took a lot longer than it should have! ♡
Lavender-Marie 2017-12-4 01:04
Lorry: oh thank you so much! i quite adore your page as well. <3
Thanks you sm <3
Twimidna 2017-12-3 23:54
Lorry: i love your music box. <3
oml thank you so much o///////o
MidnightEscape 2017-12-3 23:45
Lorry: cute page!

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