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  • I am Fungirl. I will not be using this account much, however. I just wanted to make Brightheart on here because I couldn't wait for the update XD Reply

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Jasper 2017-11-9 00:02
Brightheart: Hey Jas 8)

LOL I'm just going on random pages saying hi. Feel like doing that rn. (Might do it on Fungirl after this though haha)
Fungirl99000 2017-11-8 18:34
Welcome to FairyABC, me! XD!!!
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  • DescriptionHey guys! Its me, Fungirl99000. I kinda couldn't wait for the multiple fairy update to make Brightheart the art talent, so I just made another account XD! So yes I am Fungirl.
  • HobbiesSame as Fungirl99000 because I am her LOL
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentArt talent

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