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  • currently frustrated because the little edits i made on my profile, including my whole playlist, is gone.   Reply
  • finally got the hang of the website! at least, i think so. :D to the creators behind the site, hope you know how much you're appreciated for all of your hard work you put into maintaining the site. <3 ... Reply
  • websitehttp://
  • Description☾ i'm kind of a mess, but i'd rather be a mess than pretend to be perfect. ☾
    ☀ - gemini
    ☾ - capricorn
    ascending - virgo

    ☾ heaven is a state of mind, i've been there a couple o' times. ☾
  • Hobbies☾ eat, read, sleep, repeat. ☾
    ☾ music flows through my veins. ☾
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentMusic talent

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Milkweed 2018-5-28 17:35
khloerose: hi hi, sorry for the XTRA late reply, but my profile keeps resetting too!!! do you know how to stop it?
someone told me it happens when you make a lot of changes at once, but im not totally sure. its probably a glitch in the site. it just randomly stopped resetting mine.
Butterflies 2018-5-14 20:36
khloerose: i noticed you like to read, just like me! what types of books do you enjoy?
I like sci-fy(i think that's how you spell it), romance and adventure books. What type of books do you like to read?
Navya 2018-5-11 06:05
khloerose: hello, hi! your name is so pretty. :D
thank you, khloerose. Navya means new
Lavender-Marie 2018-5-7 09:56
khloerose: i'm the 4001st visitor! :D hello hi <3
Congratulations! And hello :)
Meeso 2018-5-6 09:19
khloerose: hello hii, i'd love to become a sugar bby :D
Hello <333 sorry for my slow reply, but I'm currently having finals! and lol why not?
Dresses24 2018-5-5 15:53
khloerose: talk about aesthetically pleasing o-o love love love love love it
StarNova11 2018-5-4 18:01
Cool space!
Milkweed 2018-5-3 10:01
khloerose: i recognize that gif from The Babadook! i've watched that movie more times than i'd like to admit. :D
OMG YES someone actually recognizes it. I love babadook but my profile keeps resetting, ughhh.
Rhodon 2018-5-2 03:06
khloerose: i'm quickly becoming one as more and more of my friends are making me listen to their music ;D
ahhh. let me know the day you officially join the fandom ;)
Dresses24 2018-5-1 20:38
khloerose: talk about aesthetically pleasing o-o love love love love love it
omg ahh tysm yours is too
AkilinaBirdie 2018-5-1 05:49
khloerose: your dedication to birds is inspirational! <3
Thank you! :>
Rhodon 2018-5-1 01:15
khloerose: :D i've heard some of their music! they're pretty good :)
they sure are! are you an exo-l?
Solariopa 2018-4-30 23:03
khloerose: are those your edits at the top of the page?? :o
Yeah, I did 'em c:
cosmoetic✧・゚ 2018-4-30 20:07
khloerose: the moment your first song played, i knew we were destined to be friends. :D
hahaha hello
Rhodon 2018-4-30 19:55
khloerose: :o is that the group filled w a bunch of cute korean/chinese babes???
you are right!!!!
inkyfairy 2018-4-29 23:49
khloerose: hey! i love reading fanfiction too! do you use wattpad?
No sorry! I use Archive of Our Own. Fanfiction is great isn't it!
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