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✫ Her Passionate Pragmatism✫
Just Stella 2018-05-20
I forgot about Hollow Lore stuff 'cause I had no time for it, and my schedule's getting packed, soooo... not sure if I'll continue those posts. But I ...
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Talents and their Quirks - Part 1 2017-08-01
Every talent in Pixie Hollow has their little specific quirks, and we're going to explore them. No matter how subtle a talent may seem, all of them ...
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  • Planning a novel-length fanfiction. Not gonna specify the fandom, but just thought I'd let everyone know. I've been a little bored lately here; might as well kill the time doing something productive. Reply
  • Tip: If the music's not playing, scroll down and click a different track. Reply
  • Me: Hmm, I should use the weekend to study for the WHAP exam! Also me: *proceeds to make a RWBY family on the Sims 2 with a plethora of mods* Reply
  • So perhaaaaaaaaps I'll be a tad more active... after exams, ofc. Reply
  • I really wish my inactivity thread wasn't recycled so quickly. I just explained why I wasn't as social on this site anymore. I can still visit the site while being socially inactive. /: Reply
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JulieBubble The day before 15:17
Solariopa: Thanks gorl c:
You’re welcome! :)
wanderlust 3 day(s) ago
the hair in your drawing reminds me of ciara's hair for her glam outfit in her music video for Ride omg
JulieBubble 3 day(s) ago
Girl your page is amazing
rosesnsunshine 2018-6-5 22:16
Oh my gosh, your page is stunning!
Dresses24 2018-6-4 17:56
Solariopa: Ahhhhh thanks! C:
woop woop your very welcome hehe
hope we can be friends sometimes lol
LooneyTunes♥ 2018-6-4 17:16
Solariopa: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;)))))))))))))))
pearlcuteshine 2018-6-4 03:31
a collection of the most beautiful art wowie i love ur page so much dude :ooo
anastasia-lock 2018-6-3 23:16
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✫ Her Beautiful Idealism ✫

Credit goes to the lovely MoonFields for this edit.

Credit goes to miss wanderlust for this one.
✪Listen well✪
Lurking in the shadows, aren't we?

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