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arianator3942's perfectly purp ... [Favorites] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] The page of a purple loving Ariana Grande fan

tunes for all ears
  • Got my first ASL test today. Wish me luck.   Reply
  • I just reorganized my youtube channel yesterday. Reply
  • Im trying to come to the tinker party but can't get in the server :( Reply
  • wooohoo over 1000 views on my page. Thank y'all so much Reply
  • my birthday is tommorow!! whoo hoo Reply
  • Hey can someone tell me how I can put pictures on the sides of my page (the glittery purple butterfly background area) please? Reply
  • University of Houston accepted me!! I’m a cougar now GO COOGS!!!!!!!  Reply
  • 24 days till my birthday :) Reply
  • can't sleep Reply
  • It's always sad to me when someone get's banned, but even more sad when that fairy is one you consider a best friend. that's all im gonna say on it here. Reply
  • I just realized Rose (aka navaya) and I have been fairy twins for 103 days now!. Reply
  • Trying to decide what kind of event to throw next. Hoping perhaps some famous faries can come too (especially queen clarion) Reply
  • A few nights ago a did another cosplay but didn't put it in my album yet. I just came on and found myself in the outfit. However i forgot who i was cosplaying   Reply
  • just bought some disney fairy figurines on ebay to replace the ones my dogs chewed up a few years ago. I may be an adult, but that doesnt mean i dont like fairy dolls ( i can collect them) Reply
  • Yay Im a talent master now!! Reply

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ihaveausername 2018-9-29 09:28 AM
Just here to say: I love your page (purple is one of my favorite colors).
Fabulousfairy 2018-9-12 10:14 PM
beautywinter 2018-9-11 10:41 PM
can u help me
Whisper 2018-9-5 04:39 PM
I would love to friends but I cannot see where to click
Whisper 2018-9-5 04:15 PM
Hello, My daughter is an ASL interpreter. I hope you will do that soon. I am sure you will love it.
Sabrinaandove❤ 2018-8-31 04:14 PM
Your Page is so fabulous!
Starreyes 2018-8-19 06:03 PM
TBH - You're super sweet and I love your space! You're super fun to talk to on Fairyabc!

~ Harmony
Jasper 2018-8-3 12:44 PM
Happy birthday!
disneygirlygirl 2018-8-2 09:25 PM
arianator3942: yaaaaasss no tears left to cry in your music!!! love that song
louiselouisa 2018-7-30 06:05 PM
arianator3942: Are you an ariana grande fan??
no, sorry
Casidith™ 2018-7-23 09:03 AM
Loved going through your fairy cosplays. Congrats! (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃━✿✿✿✿✿✿
kordei 2018-7-8 09:19 AM
arianator3942: My parents are unsupportive of it. My parents say it won't be worth it. We came to a compromise that I can do it after I finish my summer math course  ...
at least they're still letting you sell some! lmk how it goes!!
kordei 2018-7-7 09:21 PM
hey rob! im excited for your slime store!!
smallapple403 2018-7-5 07:30 PM
hey robin hehe its faye
PixieDelRey 2018-6-30 01:35 AM
i love ari
Rachshanin 2018-6-13 11:05 PM
arianator3942: hi
what ya up to
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arianator forever
  • website
  • DescriptionHi I'm arianator3942, aka Robin. In real life I'm 20 years old and I wanna become an ASL interpreter. Also I adore Ariana Grande. That's why my username is arianator3942. In real life i go by Kim
  • HobbiesTheater, singing, knitting, hand bells, cup song, handbells, world of warcraft,

    talents: Animal talent, cup song, singing, acting, knitting, camoflauge
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentAnimal talent

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