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smallapple403 2017-3-19 23:02
omg llamas hehehe^^
Dresses24 2017-3-19 22:16
Aww hai there! I'm new to fairyabc but I just want to tell you that I love your page!
pearlcuteshine 2017-2-28 14:16
pompoms: Thank you so much!
np glad  i could help! tell me if u need anything else :P
pearlcuteshine 2017-2-28 13:22
pompoms: Pearl! how did you make your signature? it looks great!!
I used this site:
pearlcuteshine 2017-2-27 21:12
pompoms: Wow, just realized i sent that twice, ahaah soorrry! still getting used to the forum
its alright i still do that too sometimes. things can get glickty xD
Lavender-Marie 2017-2-27 20:44
pompoms: Thankyouuu! llamas are my spirit animal @[email protected]
Lavender-Marie 2017-2-27 19:05
I like the llamas xD
Sacul 2017-2-25 21:27
pearlcuteshine 2017-2-25 02:39
hey welcome to fairyabc!! <3
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