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Dresses24 2020-9-14 18:33
RedRoseDay: Hi, How are you doing?
hii i miss u
Dresses24 2020-4-20 23:01
RedRoseDay: Hi, How are you doing?
aww hii omg your so sweet
InfinityLotus 2019-5-28 18:26
RedRoseDay: your page is so pretty!
Thanks! I haven't been on for a while so I haven't been able to finish it lol
LavenderAlice 2019-3-19 15:18
RedRoseDay: What a cool page!
Thank uuu ! I haven't really taken care of it for a while though.
Love urs too
eleanorpixie 2019-3-17 03:09
RedRoseDay: You have an awesome page!
Thank you so much! <33
Villiana 2019-3-15 22:22
RedRoseDay: Cool profile page! Hope you are having a great day.
Thank you! Hope you're having a great day/night/evening, as well.
DelicateDeer 2019-3-14 17:27
RedRoseDay: Cute page!
Thank you! ♥
PrincessKawaii 2019-3-14 14:47
RedRoseDay: I really like your page!
Thanks so much uwu
7PandaGirl7 2019-3-14 07:34
RedRoseDay: Cool page!
Thanks! I like your page to!
Nelly2024 2018-9-9 08:11
pretty page :3
smallapple403 2018-6-25 23:40
oooh cute page<33
Solariopa 2018-6-4 08:29
RedRoseDay: You have such an original page! Love it!
Thank you. <3
Jeocalix-Inminf 2018-6-4 00:25
RedRoseDay: It's amazing how tall tress can grow. I really like your page!
Thanks! This the Quindío's wax's palm, it's the palm highest of the world.
Dresses24 2018-6-4 00:14
RedRoseDay: Thank you! You are very kind - a pixie perfect pal I'm sure. (:
aww same to you as well! Oh and you can call me tori lol
Dresses24 2018-6-4 00:13
RedRoseDay: You are welcome. I like how your fairy stands out with grace. It's nice to notice the creativity of all the spaces on this site. In a way I wish I cou ...
I like to sketch when I'm in school or away but I actually draw digitally for fun too! Maybe in the summer when I'm not as busy I'll take requests hehe lol
Dresses24 2018-6-3 23:53
your page is so gorg i love it <33
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Painting a Poppyseed Part 2 2018-04-14
The next morning as I flew out of my house and let the breeze glide past my black wings, I heard the tiny voice again.  It whispered, "Hello!" & ...
(224) Views|(0) Comments
Painting a Poppyseed Part 1 2018-03-29
The first flower I am growing in my garden is a poppyseed, the petals are a vibrant sunset orange mixed with red velvet. The leaves are the shade o ...
(242) Views|(0) Comments
About Me 2018-03-27
Hi Pixies and Sparrow Men!  I flew into The Hollow the first year Disney created the site and I have fun memories of playing the game. FairyAbC i ...
(248) Views|(4) Comments
Garden Talent Perks 2018-03-27
Here's what being a Garden Talent fairy means to me: I can spend my free time helping flowers and plants grow as I enjoy listening to nature. ...
(227) Views|(1) Comments

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