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Savannah❤ [Favorites] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] Hi people! I'm Savannah on pixie hollow ❤ (: ♫♫


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DelicateDeer 2019-2-7 18:01
Love your page! I'd love to explore with you sometime~ ♪♫
Fzrasu 2018-5-26 06:41
Savannah: Hey! I have a problem. I'm trying to play the game but it won't let me in... Pls. help
Sorry, what browser do you have? the 1.0 version works on chrome/firefox only, 2.0 works on most modern browsers
idol 2018-4-29 17:47
Savannah: Hi! Welcome!
Butterflies 2018-3-28 20:45
Savannah: Well yours is attractive. Love the butterflies! ~XO Savannah
Thank you!<3
MoonChildPotter 2018-3-27 22:57
Flitterific page!
~ XO Rosey
wanderlust 2018-3-27 03:19
Butterflies 2018-3-25 23:52
I love your header sooo much!<3
Villiana 2018-3-23 06:56
Savannah: Hi! How can you add music?
Hi! So, you can go to and type in a song of your choice, (keep in mind they have a limited number of songs, and not all of them) then you right click on the grey button labeled "download" then from that right click drop down, select something like "copy link address" then copy and paste that into the music box, name your music, and then ta-da! That is how you have music on your page.
leelo 2018-3-23 02:48
Savannah: Hey! I like your page.
Jasper 2018-3-22 05:21
Savannah: Hi! Can I post a thread?
Sure! Just click on a sub-forum, scroll to the bottom, and on the left there will be a button called "New Thread".
MoonChildPotter 2018-3-22 03:17
Savannah: Same as yours! ~Savannah
Aww. Why thank you!
~ XO Moon
MoonChildPotter 2018-3-22 02:53
Stunning pasge!
~ XO Moon
SIA_18 2018-3-22 02:16
COOL BABE GIRL!!!! Good vibes.
MidnightEscape 2018-3-21 22:22
Nice page :D
Shiloh-chan 2018-2-1 14:23
I like your page ! Too glittery for me though haha xD I hope you’re enjoying your time here friend ^^ .. Welp bai bai! ~ Shiloh
Pandora 2018-1-27 16:57
Hey, you need to change your space page real people photos. Please Read the Rules. You have 3 days before your account is muted. Thanks
Cookies 2017-9-30 14:02
Savannah: OMG! I also love BTS!
BTS is so amaze <3 I love them so much T^T I love TWICE's songs too xD
Cookies 2017-9-30 14:00
Pumpkin 2017-9-12 02:11
Cool Page
Sacul 2017-6-13 00:19
cute page!

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