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  • I'm back!! ...anyone remember me? Reply
  • I wish living was more fulfilling. Reply
  • I'm finally a talent master!! Yay! Reply
  • "I have a lot of intrusive thoughts and they all fall under humor even though my life is collapsing" Reply
  • "I know what I'm doing. What, what AM I doing?" Reply
  • "I have a mild water allergy" Reply
  • "Mentally, I'm like 2 years old, and I'm tired, so that makes me, like, 1...years old" Reply
  • "What if we made an alignment chart of vines?" (Obviously, 'can I get a waffle' is lawful good. "road work ahead' is chaotic good. 'fre shavaca do' is true neutral.) Reply
  • "You spelled '1' wrong. How do you spell a number wrong?" Reply
  • "You're fantasizing over someone who's been dead for over 50 years!" Reply
  • "Let's burn the fire with fire!" Reply
  • "Sarcasm is my division, not yours" Reply
  • "I drink milk because I'm not real" Reply
  • "We're living in a terrible cliche 90s sitcom" Reply
  • "Oh look, a stick! Wait- I just got genuinely excited about a stick..." Reply
  • website
  • DescriptionHey, people! Welcome to my page!
    About me:
    -Harry Potter
    -Doctor Who
    -Star Wars
    -Welcome to Night Vale
    -cats and dogs
    -rude people
  • Hobbies-writing (poetry, horror stories, (mediocre) movie scripts)
    -painting (abstract)
    -Dungeons and Dragons (call me a nerd but there it is)
  • GenderFemale
  • TalentStorytelling talent

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