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beautywinter 2018-9-11 23:02
how do I play with other fairies ut says nobody is on
MoonFields 2018-8-28 00:09
| My entire forum life is a lie, I keep reading your name as Fluffeedoo1 when in fact it's just Fuffeedoo1 without the L :' ((((
jennyhollybell 2018-8-20 12:19
Fuffeedoo1: Oh, the poll? lol it closed down a long time ago and I was too lazy to do a new one.
Ohhh haha I'll vote next time!
jennyhollybell 2018-8-20 00:54
Heyo how do we vote in your poll on your blog?
Nelly2024 2018-8-19 17:58
just peeking in to say a helloooo! <33
HappyDerp 2018-8-19 10:37
Fuffeedoo1: Hiiiiii! Love your page!
Thanks <3
ViolinistGirl 2018-8-17 11:59
Fuffeedoo1: Hi! I love your page!
Hi!! Thank you so much!!
ImAFairy101 2018-8-14 16:08
Fuffeedoo1: Hi Luna!
Hey Winter!!
RaeCollins 2018-8-10 18:46
Fuffeedoo1: lol I get distracted when writing too. I usually need music to get me focused.
Yay! Fellow writer! Yeah, music or reading helps sooo much.
obsidian 2018-8-10 12:30
Fuffeedoo1: Welcome to FairyABC! I'm a light talent too!
thank you!! it's nice to meet you!
Starreyes 2018-7-28 00:03
Your wall is so nice! Thanks for the comment girly <3
Nighty 2018-7-20 22:18
Fuffeedoo1: I absolutely LOVE your background! I'm a nostalgic person, so I love the cute photos. The music is also relaxing.
Tune into the music because I change it all the time lol, literally only lasts like two days
Ugh same girl, I love my background, I sometimes get nostalgic over it, I want to add more pics but it would get clumped
MoonChildPotter 2018-7-19 18:34
Fuffeedoo1: Same. I might spend a bit more effort on my new home.
Get creative! I had a blast doing mine
~ XO Moon
twilight 2018-7-19 10:32
Fuffeedoo1: Hi! I love your page!
thank you snowflake. xD
DelicateDeer 2018-7-14 21:49
Fuffeedoo1: What's your in game fairy's name?
In-game you can find me as Anastasia Foxheart ::heart::
DelicateDeer 2018-7-14 15:19
Hi! I don't know how to reply to comments that people put on my page but thank you!  ♥  
I love the content that you produce for the Pixie Hollow/FairyABC community. You know so much & are super thoughtful! Keep it up~
Dresses24 2018-7-6 17:24
Fuffeedoo1: Hi! I love your page. I'm glad there's another FairyABC youtuber here.
awww tysm <33
what's your channel?
RaeCollins 2018-7-5 21:51
Fuffeedoo1: What have you been doing?
Working with my mother at her art school. It's hard work, but I'm happy to help.
RaeCollins 2018-7-5 16:56
Fuffeedoo1: Good! I was just doing some scrapbooking and stuff.
Cool! That sounds like a lot fun!
RaeCollins 2018-7-5 16:48
Fuffeedoo1: Hi! How are you?
I'm doing great! How are you?

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